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Report: WWE talent approach McMahon about current product

In light of recent declining TV ratings, a number of WWE stars have reportedly approached Vince McMahon and voiced their concern over WWE’s current product.

Apparently an unidentified top WWE star engaged in a verbal confrontation with McMahon in front of the locker room at last night’s Raw in Sacramento, CA.
The star told McMahon that the writing sucks and that McMahon doesn’t have his finger on the pulse of things anymore. The talent continued on to verbalize that McMahon needs to start listening to people around him, and that when WWE goes to “hell in a handbasket,” it will be all Vince’s fault.

The word is that more changes will be coming to the product.


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38 Responses

  1. nathan says:

    I’m willing to bet it was Orton.

  2. nathan says:

    either that or del rio

  3. Hipnosis says:

    It had to be Orton

  4. Alex says:

    I say Wade

  5. Kyle Christie says:

    I say JR because he said this “hell in a handbasket” word for word in the main event of RAW. I doubt anybody else would come up with something like that other than JR.

  6. Shuffles says:

    It states WWE Talent not WWE Superstar

  7. QuoteTheRaven,Nevermore. says:

    My guess’ would be; Orton, Punk, JR or Cena.

  8. Common Cents says:

    @Alex, the report said it was “talent”, so it couldn’t be Barrett. HAAAYYYOOOO

  9. Shuffles says:


  10. Tim Steed says:

    It was the voice of the WWE Michael Cole.

  11. Adam says:

    Cole, Kane, or Cena

  12. jim says:

    Cena? Get a clue he benefits most from this garbage. He loves selling t shirts to 10 yr olds. This Kane thing is actually funny and the only way to keep him relevant so it’s not him. Orton doesn’t have a leg to stand on not him. Punk got to hit Vince with a stick on Monday…. not him. Been the champ for a yr.

  13. Nick says:

    If it was a wrestler i would definitely say Orton, if it wasn’t a wrestler i would say JR.

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