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Follow up on the WWE creative shake up

Brian Gewirtz was actually removed as head writer for both Raw and Smackdown last month. Gewirtz had not been traveling with the TV crews, but rather writing from home. The current head writer for the creative team is Eric Pankowski. The Wrestling Observer reports that Vince McMahon was described as being in a “mood” at television on Monday and that “everything is upwards from here” and “results have to start at the top with him.”

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  1. bah says:

    Vince’s idea of a “creative shake up” is to insert himself into the main-event of Raw against the current champion.

    That’s what we call arrogance.

  2. Deathedge says:


    It’s just more proof that Vince’s head is stuck up his a-… I mean, in the past. A few years ago McMahon VS Austin was a big draw, in his mind Punk vs McMahon can be just as big.

    What I find funny is that he saids the mood is getting better, but now a report is out that a “top star” is going off on him. xD Hilarious.

  3. Deathedge says:

    BTW, is this the same guy who produced “Beyond Twisted”?

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