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A fan’s report on Ultimate Warrior’s appearance

From a GERWECK.NET reader:

I was at the show Friday night and I would say it was about money. Various reports said that Warrior requires $35000. And there is absolutely no way the promoter made his money back by booking the ultimate warrior. I’m not saying warrior isn’t without fault. Check out carlitos twitter who fired off a zinger from the show Friday night. Oh and the meet and greet on Friday night was supposed to start at 5:00 didn’t start until 6:00 because of “traffic”

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  1. Mr. Black says:

    $35000?? That’s got to be a typo. I could see $3500.

  2. kt says:

    $3500?? … I could see $35.00

  3. Scott says:

    If the Warrior thinks he is worth $35K a visit, he really must snorted a bad batch of coke to think that

  4. Steve says:

    $35?…. I’ll give ya tree fiddy.

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