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Video: Batista vs. Vince Lucero

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  1. kidsampson says:

    Dave’s definitely no Brock Lesnar. And his opponent looked like someone who enters those local strongman fighting competitions held inside cages made of chain link fencing or chicken wire. And even then, he was still handing Dave’s ass to him at first. He’ll be mauled by a real fighter, and I’m sure it would be ugly! Just look at that mount. :)

  2. Jono K says:

    I’m not sure what I was expecting from Dave here, but that was pretty terrible. His stand-up basically isn’t there and his ground game definatly needs alot of work. I think he’s kinda doing this for fun, but if he doesn’t want to get his ass handed to himself, major improvement is needed.

  3. bumbolee says:

    That was terrible. I hope Dave isn’t proud of that. Maybe he will return to the WWE now and taunt Brock as being undefeated in the UFC

  4. Rex Anderson says:

    Nah, he was here today talking about training again. He works out in my gym. Guys a damn machine

  5. Me says:

    Dave looked like he was fighting Butterbean’s prodigal son. His opponent was 100% ridiculous, … huge disappointment. It’s like Dave Bautista versus truck driver Big Earl “Beer-belly”. … Totally ridiculous!

  6. Motorhead says:

    I’m not exactly sure how terrible or awful or bad it was considering the man’s age and lack of martial arts experience in general. Positives: 1) he’s patient 2) he has a grasp of the basics 3) he can take a punch… Negatives: well, everything else. I think it is fair to say he’s no Lesnar, though Lesnar looked just as “bad” as Bautista does here. What did we expect, a spinebuster? a Batista Bomb? gimme a break. He did pretty well for not having fought like this before. Here’s to a successful career.

  7. -J- says:

    To enter the cage this late and just go do it is awesome, follow your dreams kids.

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