10/6 OVW Saturday Night Special in Louisville, KY results

Oct 7, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

by Trent Vandrisse

Here’s the Ohio Valley Wrestling Saturday Night Special report for October 6th 2012. This show was supposed to feature Crimson defending the OVW Heavyweight title against Rob Terry, but then both guys became unavailable, so they did a weak booking dealio at the TV Taping this past Wednesday where both Crimson and Terry were “suspended” for tonight, and will now face each other for the OVW title at the TV taping this coming Wednesday, October 10th.

So that left tonight without a main event, so they instead went with Chris Silvio vs Cliff Compton in a cage match. It seems that OVW believes just saying “cage match” is a selling point, not sure I agree with that, but it appears to be their mindset. Silvio and Compton have been feuding for awhile here though, and it has gotten nasty, and tonight’s show ended with a surprising “Snuka” off the top of the cage.

Gilbert Corsey and the debuting Michael Titus(sp?) were the announcer for the upcoming DVD release of this show. Titus was in the “Bolin position” at the desk, and had his hair done up in an evil pompadour, so pretty sure he was doing the heel color bit here. Ron Hed and Terry Boddie were the ring announcers. The attendance was around 150.

1. Alex Silva beat Randy Royal to retain the OVW TV title

Royal avoided one “Silva Surfer” finisher attempt by Silva and turned it into a half crab, but Silva then hit a “Silva Surfer” from very short range to win and again retain the TV title.

2. Sam Shaw won a battle royal

Yah a battle royal!! Barf….Sam Shaw was an easy pick for a favorite in this one given the cast, and he did win it, eliminating Dylan Bostic in the end. Shaw and Bostic were just terrible working together at the finish, didn’t click at all. My first time seeing Shaw. Good look, but wasn’t impressive wrestling wise here, but couldn’t tell much in a battle royal, and he clearly has the tools. Shaw has been appearing in post TV taping dark matches for a good month, but has yet to appear on OVW TV, and I have no idea why, but there must be a reason. This victory earned Shaw a shot at the OVW TV title at the October 14th house show at Expo 5 in Louisville.

Black wrestler Stephon Smith was eliminated from the battle royal early, and then just laid on the floor like a dead fish. In fact, Elvis Pridemore landed on Smith when he was eliminated. After the battle royal Smith got in the ring and celebrated like he won it for some goofy reason, only to be taken out with a clothesline by the suit wearing masked Assassin.

3. Jason Wayne beat Espy

Wayne is a military guy who doesn’t like the old “Don’t ask don’t tell” policy. Espy(Brandon Espinosa) is Gay, so poof we have a match here made this past Wednesday. Wayne worked this one dressed military style, and came to the ring wearing vests with bullets in them ala Rambo or something. Back and forth, but Wayne got the win by holding Espy’s pink trunks.

4. The Wildcards(Shiloh Jonze & Raul Lamotta) vs Doug Williams & “Smooth” Johnny Spade never really got going

This was another match made this past Wednesday, but this was was made pretty much out of the blue. Very shortly after this got started Doug Williams suddenly turned heel on Johnny Spade, and the Wildcards joined in the attack too, of course. The Wildcards are both stooges and thugs for Crimson, and I guess Doug Williams is now as well. Williams and Crimson have had some backstage conversations in recent weeks, with Williams acting cold towards him, and even seeming like he wanted a title shot against Crimson. Not anymore I guess. Crimson beat Spade to win the OVW title, and the now heel Shiloh Jonze used to be a championship tag team partner with Spade, so lots of history there.

Sam Shaw made the save for Spade here, but Spade didn’t want his help. He had already had all the “help”(?) he could stand for one night, and is getting to where he doesn’t trust anyone.

5. Josette Bynum beat OVW Women’s champion Heidi Lovelace in a non title match

Bynum is currently the assistant to Trailer Park Trash, who is the OVW Director of operations, but they can’t stand each other. TPT granted Bynum this match this past Wednesday, but made it non title, and said if Bynum wins she will get a title shot. Bynum is a former 7 time OVW Women’s champion, but hasn’t wrestled here all year, and hasn’t been wrestling much anywhere else, but did appear once for Shine not too long ago. Also on the most recent OVW TV Bynum wanted some mystery person to come help her “Take out the Trash” tonight, but nobody appeared, nor was it mentioned. Not exactly the most focused booking has been going on in OVW lately in general folks. Another back and forth match, but Bynum got the clean win with the Byers Bridge after a series of near falls with roll ups by both ladies. So Bynum will now receive a title shot at Heidi Lovelace.

6. The Best Team Ever(Jessie Godderz & Rudy Switchblade) beat The Mobile Homers(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) w/Brittany DeVore to retain the OVW Southern tag team titles

Jessie Godderz very nearly landed right on top of his head early on a double hip toss spot, and still did land on his head/neck to a degree. Godderz and Switchblade have not been getting along at all lately, though they’ve been champions for awhile now. But as I stated in my most recent OVW TV report, they have had a knack for holding on to the titles when the gold is on the line, and that’s exactly what happened here. The Mobile Homer’s looked like they had it won, going for their double team spear finisher a few times, but Godderz managed to somehow pin Revolver with his feet on the ropes, aided by assist from Switchblade. The Best Team Ever are tattered and torn, but once again weathered the storm somehow, someway. Meanwhile The Mobile Homers again came up short when it really mattered.

7. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green beat Cliff Compton in a cage match

Like I said, these two have been feuding for awhile here. When it started they were both faces, but Compton turned heel somewhere along the way, a heel that runs instead of fights when he can, hence the cage tonight. Compton still has supporters here in the crowd though. They did they story where Compton gave Silvio a concussion a few weeks ago on the ring steps, and someone, probably Compton, left Silvio laying injured backstage this past Wednesday, to the point they went off the air not knowing if he’d compete tonight or not, which I found to be a weird way to promote a cage match, but appear he did, which was predictable. The finish here was not though. Compton used different theme music tonight. Compton whipped Silvio with his belt, then took control of the bout with Suplexes. Compton took off a top turnbuckle pad. Silvio came back with a half crab, but then feel to the mat woozy from straining, the only nod to his storyline concussion issues during the match. OVW loves to do concussion angles for some reason.
Silvio then launched into a furious comeback, including sending Compton into the exposed turnbuckle, and whipping Compton with his own belt. Referee Chris Sharpe was then accidentally bumped by Silvio with a flying Diamond Cutter intended for Compton. Silvio then hit one on Compton, but the ref was down, in fact both guys hit big moves on the other with Sharpe taking a nap, which he does far too often here for my tastes. They over do the ref bumps with him, cause he’s good at them. Compton climbed up to the top of the cage, and Silvio followed, and they fought up there, but Compton eventually knocked Silvio down to the mat. Compton then amazingly stood on top of the cage, and this is a real high cage they use, and did the Jimmy Snuka leap off it, but crashed and burned ankle first when Silvio got out of the way, shocking the crowd. Compton didn’t come close to hitting Silvio here, but this was a Hell of a scary leap by him, sure didn’t expect that. Guess they wanted to pull out something big here, and they did. Compton looked surprisingly graceful up there too. He’s sometimes good in the ring, but sometimes clunky, but he’s definitely not afraid of heights, and looked comfortable up there, and leaping off, which shocked the shit out of me. A “Holy shit” moment no doubt. Kudos to him for doing that, risky as it was. Don’t think he got hurt though. Silvio then covered the fallen Compton and Chris Sharpe made the all too familiar groggy three count to end the show on a wild note. Send any feedback to tvd65@hotmail.com

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