10/4 OVW TV Recap

Oct 4, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

by Trent Vandrisse

Here’s the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television taping report for October 4th, 2012, which was the “Go home” show for the October 6th OVW Saturday Night Special, but it might have been more of the “Stay home” show if delivering on the scheduled main event is important to you as a fan. This continued a disturbing trend that OVW has been in lately, not delivering on things at their scheduled time, and screwing the fans on the stips, which I think is the Hershey’s drizzling poo poos. It used to be totally the opposite of that here, they almost always delivered, now, not so much.

October 6th was supposed to be Crimson defending the OVW title against Rob Terry, that isn’t happening due to both guys being booked at different autograph shows this weekend, so they were both “suspended” storyline wise on this show, just for Saturday night, and will now meet for the OVW title at the TV taping next Wednesday. So this show had to book its way out of that, and find a new main event, but the booking was weak. The September Saturday Night Special was a “Nightmare Rumble” battle royal main event to determine a #1 OVW title contender for the October SNS, so this makes the “Nightmare Rumble” totally pointless. Sigh.

Dean Hill & Gilbert Corsey were the TV announcers tonight. Ron Hed & Terry Boddie were the ring announcers. The attendance was around 150.

This Sunday, October 7th, will be the “Homecoming 9” show, which is basically a show to feature the graduates from the most recent Nick Dinsmore beginners class. I think King Mo may be at this show, but not wrestling.

1. Rob Terry beat Jeremiah Plunkett

Dark Match. Plunkett got some offense in on Terry, but Terry dropped him for the win. Terry is very over here now as a babyface.

The TV taping opened with Trailer Park Trash coming to the ring, along with his assistant Josette Bynum. TPT apologized for people using the ring as a forum for their personal agendas lately, and said the ring was for wrestling. With that out came Chris Silvio to ask TPT a favor. Silvio’s arch nemesis Cliff Compton then came out, and arguing between the two ensued. Compton gave Silvio a concussion here a few weeks ago, and has been running away a lot. Before TPT could announce what type of match Silvio vs Compton would be for this Saturday, Crimson came thru the curtain wearing a knee brace and using a crutch, with his arch nemesis Rob Terry following closely behind, which looked totally fakey. Terry speared Crimson in the knee as the show went off the air last week, but Crimson has been faking a knee injury on and off since arriving in OVW. Crimson had an order of protection with him saying Terry couldn’t touch him.

Finally everyone in the ring just kept grabbing the mic and talking about their own personal agendas, so we had two programs arguing with each other at once here, which was pretty damned funny actually. Trailer Park Trash became very frustrated and kicked everyone out of the ring, saying this was exactly what he didn’t want, that again the ring was for wrestling, not the personal agenda crap. Good luck with that one TPT.

Rob Terry met up with Crimson backstage, and Trailer Park Trash was there too. Terry attacked Crimson, which appalled TPT since Crimson supposedly had a restraining order against Terry. TPT said with the restraining order violated, he has no choice but to suspend Rob Terry, which made Crimson grin slyly. TPT then told Crimson if he finds out he’s faking the knee injury he will be suspended too.

2. OVW Women’s champion Heidi Lovelace beat Scarlett Bordeaux in a non title match

This was the first match of the TV taping. Scarlett Bordeaux is attractive and in shape. Last time she was here she did the crazy chick bit, but tonight she was a total babyface, as is Heidi Lovelace, and these two were fast friends here before, during, and after the match. Lovelace again won with a kick.

Backstage Trailer Park Trash & Josette Bynum were trying to catch Crimson in the act of faking his knee injury, which he was, and brazenly so, but they couldn’t catch him at it…yet. Crimson then ran into Doug Williams backstage. Williams informed Crimson he was here for business, not friends.

3. Adam Revolver w/Brittany DeVore beat Rudy Switchblade

The Best Team Ever(Rudy Switchblade & Jessie Godderz) defends the OVW Southern tag team titles against The Mobile Homers(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) this Saturday, so this singles match was yet another preview for that. Godderz ran out and took the “rocket fuel” away from Brittany DeVore, so Ted McNaler ran out and slugged Godderz. Godderz then kinda sorta maybe not not really tried to “help”(?) his partner Switchblade cheat to beat Revolver, but did him more harm than good, and Revolver rolled Switchblade up for the win. The booking here certainly wants fans to think that the Mobile Homers are winning the tag titles, and that may well be the case, but The Best Team Ever has had a knack so far for retaining the tag titles when the gold is on the line, despite their many internal issues. Then again, this could be where they break up. It’s coming.

Backstage we saw Josette Bynum come out of the bathroom with a cup of coffee. This gives a clue to the mystery coffee that Trailer Park Trash loves so much, and what grosses Bynum out so much that he loves it. Guess she’s making it with “bathroom water”, or maybe even toilet water…TPT offered Cliff Compton the coffee, but he refused. TPT then told Compton that since he’s been running away from a fight too much, that this Saturday Night will be Compton vs Chris Silvio in a cage match, which I guess is the replacement main event for Crimson vs Terry. Hell, they just did a cage match here in July, and Compton isn’t exactly Mr. Workrate much of the time, so I wouldn’t have high hopes for that match, but they could surprise me too.

Bynum then fished around for a match herself this Saturday, so TPT booked her against OVW Women’s champion Heidi Lovelace, but made it non title, and questioned Bynum’s physical condition since she hasn’t wrestled here for quite awhile. Just what a gal loves to hear huh? TPT said if Bynum wins, she will get a title shot. TPT then drank the coffee he loves so much.

4. Espy w/Chris beat Dylan Bostic w/Taeler Hendrix

Hendrix was in a pink outfit tonight. They are having Espy(Brandon Espinosa) do a pseudo Paredyse impression now in Paredyse’ absence, having him wear make up etc, but it doesn’t play to Espy’s strengths at all. Hey OVW, let the guy be himself! He ain’t Paredyse, and that’s not a bad thing. Good action here, with Espy looking really crisp. Jason Wayne finally came to the floor cutting a promo, which allowed Dylan Bostic to give Espy a lung blower from behind, but Espy kicked out. Espy then fired up big time and hit Bostic with some really stiff shots, and won the match with a face plant.

After the match Espy and Jason Wayne argued on the floor, leading to a match between them for this Saturday. Brandon Espinosa is obscure, but this guy can really go folks. Heck of a talented worker.

Josette Bynum was on her cell backstage yelling at the person on the other end emphatically they she needs them to come right now to help her “Take out the Trash”. Nothing more ever came of this.

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage, “Smooth” Johnny Spade ran into the devious “Wildcards”(Raul Lamotta & Shiloh Jonze), who are stooges and thugs for Crimson. Doug Williams was also in the room. This seemed to be setting up a Williams & Spade vs Wildcards tag match, but it didn’t exactly happen tonight.

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage yet again, we saw Cliff Compton using Crimson’s crutch to pretend he was hitting a home run. Crimson was worried this would get him busted as being a faker to Trailer Park Trash, and that’s exactly what happened moments later. TPT then suspended Crimson for Saturday night, and said Crimson would now defend the OVW title against Rob Terry next Wednesday at the TV taping.

This booking makes no sense, why suspend guys for Saturday, only to have them meet a few days later. I mean I know why in real life, but the only ones this booking “punishes” are the fans that come out This Saturday. Weak.

Meanwhile still backstage in the next room, Chris Silvio was laid out injured, with several people tending to him. Cliff Compton came in and wondered if he’ll be in the cage alone on Saturday now, and sarcastically said looks like someone hit a “home run”. They never addressed this again, though maybe they did on commentary, so now even the replacement main event looks iffy, though I think it will still come off, with Silvio winning. But still, more head scratching booking. Why would fans come out to see a cage match that now might not even happen? Duh.

5. Alex Silva beat Jack Black w/Prince Bolin to retain the OVW TV title

Jack Black, who is losing more weight all the time, attacked Silva before the bell, and then laid a major beating on him. Black was just totally dominant here for several minutes, but Silva finally hit his “Silva Surfer” to pull out the win to again retain the TV title. But he took a hell of a pasting here in the process.

6. Doug Williams beat Shiloh Jonze by DQ

An odd choice for a TV main event, but that’s what this was. No program between these two, and Jonze is a total heel here now, but the action was almost all of the scientific variety, and fun enough to watch. Raul Lamotta finally ran in and attacked Williams for the cheap DQ finish, which was strange because Jonze wasn’t even in huge trouble in the match at the time, guess the TV time was running short. Johnny Spade ran out and made the save for Williams, and an allegiance between Spade and Williams seems to be forming. Not sure if Spade & Williams vs Jonze & Lamotta will happen this Saturday, but if not then it will happen soon for sure.

Well, there was some good wrestling action on this show, but to beat a dead horse the booking was weak, and not delivering on the main event is even weaker. Hey, I know stuff comes up with these guys in real life, paying gigs and what not, but to me, either a promotion either delivers the goods on a consistent basis or they don’t. OVW used to. Send any feedback to tvd65@hotmail.com

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