WWE Main Event Results 10/3/12

Oct 3, 2012 - by Atlee Greene

WWE Main Event 10/3/12   Tulsa, Oklahoma


The show opens with a firework display just like Raw and Smackdown with multiple shots of the audience. Micheal Cole and The Miz are in the ring and Cole welcomes everyone to debut episode of WWE Main Event.

In the ring, Cole announces the Champion vs. Champion match featuring CM Punk vs. Sheamus. Miz mentions that today is 318th day of CM Punk’s WWE title reign and also mentions how Sheamus won the World Heavyweight title in 18 seconds at Wrestlemania. Cole talks about how CM Punk has changed over the last couple of months and a video is aired highlighting CM Punk’s journey along the way from the independents, OVW, ECW, WWE, the pipe bomb promo, Punk leaving the company with the WWE title and his command for respect.

CM Punk is shadow boxing in the locker room with Paul Heyman standing behind him holding the WWE title. Matt Striker asks Punk about the first time ever champion vs. champion match. Punk says it doesn’t get any bigger than champion vs. champion and after he beats Sheamus then maybe he will get the respect he deserves. He also tells Striker that maybe he won’t just barge into his locker room and interrupt him and instead call him sir and say please. CM Punk says he is going to beat Sheamus tonight and Paul Heyman will tell you why. Heyman holds the title belt up to Striker’s face and says slowly “Because he is the best, in the world.”

Back in the ring; The Miz tells Micheal Cole that if your goal is not to be the best in the world, you don’t belong in the WWE. Cole sends it to Josh Matthews who is in the back to interview Sheamus. Matthews asks Sheamus how he feels about CM Punk saying he will beat Sheamus to get the respect he deserves. Sheamus says tonight, he is going to show CM Punk respect the only way he knows how.  He is going to take his boot and shove it down his throat.

They show a video package about Sheamus which featured his biggest victories, his various talk show appearances and various wrestlers talking about how good of a champion he has been for the WWE. Sheamus comes out to the ring first and CM Punk comes next and Lillian Garcia announces them in the ring as if it is a championship match.


– Champion vs. Champion – CM Punk vs. Sheamus

They lock up and Punk grabs a headlock but Sheamus reverses it into a top wrist lock and quickly switches to a headlock and lands a headlock takeover. CM Punk gets to his feet and shoots Sheamus into the ropes and Sheamus levels him with a shoulder tackle and quickly lands another headlock take over.

CM Punk fights to his feet again and shoots Sheamus into the ropes and gets leveled again with a shoulder tackle. Punk gets to his feet hits Sheamus with a dropkick but gets a boot to the face as he charges into the corner. Sheamus pulls himself to the top rope and Punk knocks him off the top and Sheamus hits the floor.

CM Punk brings Sheamus to the apron and attempts the ten forearms to the cheat that Sheamus usually does. Before he gets to ten, Sheamus hangs him out to dry across the top rope. Sheamus goes after him but Punk cuts him off with a head kick and follows up with  knee drop and neckbreaker for a two count. Punk applies a chin lock but Sheamus fights out of it and hits Punk with three ax handles, a knee lift and a running powerslam out of the corner but only gets a two count. Sheamus places Punk on the apron for the ten forearms but Punk kicks him in the side of the head and rushes to cover him but only gets a count of two.

Back form commercial and Sheamus is on the floor while clinching his left arm. Punk attempts a dive between the ropes but Sheamus cuts him off with a forearm to the jaw and hits a flying shoulder tackle from the apron for a two count.

Sheamus sets up for the Brogue Kick and Punk tries to escape. Sheamus catches him and pulls him back in the ring but pulled off the middle turnbuckle pad in the process. Sheamus hits the ten forearms on the apron and nails the WWE champion with White Noise for a close near fall. Sheamus attempts the Texas Cloverleaf but CM Punk pushes him off and drops him to regain control. Punk hits the top rope elbow drop for a two count but Sheamus comes back and applies the cloverleaf. Punk gets to the ropes but Sheamus holds on to it and breaks it right before the five count. Sheamus nails Punk with the Irish Curse backbreaker for a two count and charges in for the Brogue Kick but Punk drop toe holds Sheamus into the exposed turnbuckle and covers him, while holding the tights, for the three count.

Winner: CM Punk

Matt Striker enters the ring for a post-match interview with Sheamus. Sheamus grabs the microphone says all he heard for the past few months is CM Punk asking for respect. After the finish of this match, he now knows why Punk has to keep asking. Sheamus ends the interview by saying he is going to take this loss on the chin and when they meet again, he will nail him with the Brogue Kick.

Backstage: Josh Matthews interviews CM Punk about the controversial ending to the match. Paul Heyman cuts in and says “We are still on this?” Heyman says Punk soundly defeated the World Heavyweight Champion and Matthews asks if Punk is caving under the mounting pressure of not accepting John Cena’s challenge at Hell in the Cell. Heyman says the only thing in question is how Matthews ever got this job and says he is standing in the presence of a first ballot hall of famer and the best in the world and sarcastically says “Good Bye” to Matthews to end the interview.

Cole and Miz announce next week’s main event which will be Randy Orton vs. The Big Show. Matt Striker interviews Show backstage about the match. Show says next week will be Randy Orton’s first and last appearance on WWE Main Event. He holds up his fist as the camera zooms in the says the W.M.D will be the last thing Randy Orton ever sees.

-Tag Team Tournament Match: Santino Marella & Zack Ryder vs. Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel

Santino and Gabriel start the match and they exchange headlocks and waistlocks until Santino shoots Gabriel into the rope but gets knocked down by a shoulder tackle. Santino ets up hits Gabriel with a funny looking kick to the shin that got a good laugh and tags Ryder.

Tyson Kidd tags in and Zack Ryder hits him with a flap jack for a one count. Kidd tags in Gabriel and lands a drop toe hold on to Ryder while Gabriel runs in for a kick to the chest. Kidd tags back in and hits Ryder with boots to the face off the top turnbuckle while Gabriel hits a spinning back kick for a two count. Kidd hits an elbow off the top rope for a two count. Kidd rolls up Ryder for another two count and charges into the corner but Ryder gets his foot up and nails Kidd with the Broski Boot and tags Santino. Ryder dives over the top rope and takes out Gabriel while Santino hits Kidd with the cobra for the pin. The duo celebrate with a pair air trombones and that’s our show.

Winner: Santino Marella & Zack Ryder


Final Thoughts: This was a great first effort for a new show. The presentation had more of a UFC/Boxing feel with the commentators standing  in the ring while breaking down the main event, showing a video package on each wrestler, breaking down how the match ended and post match interviews. The broadcast was also reminiscent of the old “Main Event” specials on NBC where the feature match aired first. CM Punk and Sheamus’ video package were very impressive and The Miz did a fantastic job on commentary.


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