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Big Show came out and talked about knocking out Sheamus and then a video package aired. Sheamus came out and said may the best man win, then offered his hand. Show declined a handshake and left the ring. Video footage of Show losing his World Title was shown. Show came to the the ring to shake hands, but Sheamus left instead.

1. The Prime Time Players defeated Kofi Kingston and R-Truth in a first-round tag tournament match. A decent match. R-Truth was beatdown throughout the match.

2. Ryback beat Primo. Typical Ryback match. He won with his finisher.

C.M. Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler was set up for later in the show.

3. Wade Barrett beat a local wrestler.

4. The Miz defeated Sheamus by DQ. Big Show came out and delivered a knockout punch to Miz for the DQ.

David Otunga came out and talked about how they beat down Randy Orton last week. Alberto Del Rio came out and mocked Orton. Booker T booked them in the following tag match.

5. Kane and Daniel Bryan defeated Alberto Del Rio and David Otunga. Del Rio abandoned Otunga. Team Hell No won with a chokeslam by Kane followed by a top rope head butt from Bryan.

6. Tesai defeated Big Show by DQ. Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick on Tensai for the DQ.

7. WWE Champion C.M. Punk defeated Dolph Ziggler.

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9 Responses

  1. Big Andy says:

    Dag, I was rooting for local wrestler. He never wins.

  2. havok says:

    hey look at that tensai won a match

  3. Richard P says:

    same show every week.

  4. Hipnosis says:

    Albert vs Big Show? Wrestlemania Quality Match There! Those 2 went 2 on 1 with UNDERTAKER! One of Teddy’s favorites! a Tag Team against THE UNDERTAKER!! HOLLA!

  5. ManWhale says:

    They actually listened to me….well I’ll be damned

  6. The Harpoon says:

    shut up manwhale!

  7. The Straight Shooter says:

    ZIggler vs Punk is a huge shocker in my opinion because they rearly have 2 great workers with so much behind them (WWE champ vs MITB winner) face off in an actual match with a finish that isint predictable or stupid…tho it would have been great to see Ziggler go over in this one…

  8. Paul says:

    Kofi Kingston and R-Truth crashed out in the first round. I see a split on the cars.

  9. Paul says:

    I meant “cards”, not “cars”.

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