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News on Punk, Foley, Ryback, WrestleMania, and More

– WWE reportedly has dropped the storyline idea of both AJ Lee and Booker T being incompetent General Managers, leading to Vince McMahon returning to bring in one General Manager for both shows.

– The idea of doing CM Punk vs. Mick Foley at WWE’s TLC pay-per-view has been brought up internally.

– As noted, Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara is a likely WrestleMania match. We also noted that Ryback vs. The Undertaker has been discussed a Streak vs. Streak build. Apparently this is a Vince McMahon idea. Other possible opponents for The Undertaker include Brock Lesnar and Triple H. This is unlikely but Punk vs. Taker was at least suggested internally.

– And lastly, Officials are actually trying harder than usual to keep WrestleMania plans for Brock Lesnar, The Rock, John Cena, CM Punk, Triple H and The Undertaker quiet because the idea is they will build the Royal Rumble up into a big show where a lot of different angles will begin or at least everything will fall into place then.


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  1. mackdeezy says:

    Triple h for a fourth time is too much. And lets keep the gm’s the way they are.

  2. Steve says:

    I wish Vince would just stick with the one GM idea.

  3. MattR says:

    I can only hope that the Punk/Foley match doesn’t mean Punk would be dropping his title. I’d much rather see Punk hold the title until Wrestlemania and lose it there or the next night in a Wrestlemania rematch. Also, not really that opposed to Ryback vs Undertaker match as it could do tons for Ryback win or lose. Mysterio/Cara match seems cool also, but who would be the heel or would it be a face vs face teacher vs student thing? Lastly, I hope that they don’t do Rock/Cena II because the absolute only reason (besides Taker/HHH) I ordered Wrestlemania was to see the “Once in a lifetime event” and it would really discredit the matches feel if they did a rematch. Do a Rock/Punk or Rock/Brock or something, just no Rock/Cena or Punk/Cena.

  4. theo says:

    If they do another triple h vs taker match……….. (every negative comment i can think of here)

  5. Meh says:

    Speaking of Ryback. The Smackdown Hotel has listed all the 21 Downloadable Characters that will be included in WWE ’13 and also has WWE ’13 pictures of them as prove.

    The list:

    Current Era: AJ Lee and Damien Sandow (already announced), Antonio Cesaro, Drew McIntyre, Layla, Natalya, Ryback, Tensai, The Usos (Jimmy & Jey), Yoshi Tatsu.

    Attitude Era: Mike Tyson (pre-order bonus), Brian Pillman, Chainsaw Charlie (Terry Funk), Diamond Dallas Page, Gangrel, Goldust, Rikishi, Too Cool (Scotty 2 Hotty & Grandmaster Sexay), Val Venis.

    In addition, more content will be included as DLC such as Ministry Undertaker Attire, Brock Lesnar’s Kimura Lock and John Cena’s 2004 United States Spinner Title.


  6. Fisha695 says:

    So I guess they dropped that storyline starting next week? Because from what I got out of RAW it seemed like it was still in full effect.

  7. Big Andy says:

    If HHH/Taker happens again I will retire from watching wrestling after 34 years.

  8. DBRude says:

    They JUST appointed the new gm’s; what the Hell? And both are over from what I can tell; but Vince is already second-guessing (what I presume was) his decision? Maybe THEY’RE not the incompetent ones.

    While AJ seems out of place, I actually like Booker as GM of Smackdown, and I originally wanted Eve in that role.

  9. james says:

    Big Andy it’s better than rock vs cena again so i say
    taker vs lesnar, rock vs punk vs ryback for wwe title and hhh vs cena.
    drop aj as gm and keep booker as sd gm and make paulie as raw gm.

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