The IWC: Internet Water Cooler #2

Oct 2, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

By AJ Starr

I didn’t think I would take to writing up another one of these after just a couple of days, but hey, who else is going to light the flamebait for the fanboys?

I sat down and watched through an entire RAW for the first time ever in a year. I didn’t fast-forward the DVR through boring matches… idiot backstage segments… nothing. I watched the entire thing. So, of course, it HAD to be the lowest rated RAW in 15 years due it’s boring nature, uninteresting segments, and over-use of the WWE Champion.

CM Punk. Yes, most of us do enjoy seeing Punk on TV. How ever, last night was almost too ridiculous even by WWE’s standards. Punk was in over half the segments, and I would dare say close to half the 3 hour broadcast. Perhaps this was done as a way to fill in the hole for the injured John Cena, but either way… I was bored of Punk after the first 10 minutes. If they would stop scripting their employees, and allow them to express themselves, and trust in them to build their feuds properly, I can bet that Punk would have delivered entertaining television. How ever… this was not the case. We were subjected to the “respect” line I would say well over 30 times. I don’t even watch football… and even I was tempted to switch over to Monday Night Football and DVR THAT instead… just to take a little more away from RAW’s ratings.

Sheamus and Sandow I think, proved they can carry the company with the match they had last night. Reminded me of the good old days when wrestlers.. er… “entertainers” (gag me with a spoon,) were allowed to work in the ring and tell a story without boring catchphrases. If the WWE was weary on Sheamus carrying the company, or if they were weary on Sandow… no more. Those two should be pushed more and more… SLOWLY… and built up properly to be the top of the company.

It’s almost sad when you think about it; The WWE is so reliant on John Cena, that when he’s not around, they basically book crap. Is it done on purpose to say “Hey Cena equals ratings?” It sure looked like it to me. Either that, or Vince needs to can his Hollywood writers, and his son-in-law, and get some of the older generation of wrestlers on the booking committee… and get things turned around.

Most apparent through all of this, was Punk’s 316th day as WWE Champion. Now, the WWE obviously had no plans to contact Ausitn to show up, even for JR Appreciation Night (what is this, number 10 for this particular night?) So, why have Punk reference to Stone Cold, like he’s in the building? YES…. YES… you would be right in thinking what I was thinking watching the segment;

“A fake out to get you to stay on the USA Network? MAYBE Austin will be there… maybe…. no…. it’s just gonna be JR being humiliated again…. aaaaaaaaand…. what’s on Nickelodeon right now?”

With the reveal that this RAW was the lowest viewed, non-holiday show in 15 years… with a 2.5 rating, one has to ask;

Is Cena really keeping the WWE afloat, or is the WWE just a huge pile of crap?

Well, let’s ask Linda McMahon… ooooooooh… I’m sorry. Linda won’t talk about anything unless it’s 100% positive reinforcement for her campaign. My mistake!

I would say most of the blame lies on Linda being delusional enough to think she’s going to win this election on a second try. Problem is, she lost it for herself already. Now, one cannot say she pulled a Mitt Romney, by saying half the United States are none of his concern, but she failed miserably.

As an adult, if you wish to be in the spotlight, you take the good with the bad. Linda, along with the WWE, are now erasing the entire Attitude Era from the WWE, possibly putting it under the same rug as Chris Ben…. er…. that “shadow guy” on the Wrestlemania 20 promo posters…

Linda needs to face it; If she wants to be in a political seat, she has to learn to eat s*it and then smile a HUGE brown grin. There is no other way to do it. In hiding anything she was responsible for under the WWF banner, she has sealed her own fate of losing yet again. As a voter, I would not vote for someone who has to hide their own past, regardless of what it might be. On top of that… having a “Stop Bullying” campaign on a program that has thrived on “bullying” since Day 1… makes anyone who works for the WWE look like an idiot.

Sure, it’s entertainment and all… but come on. Seriously?

“Folks, please don’t bully others, like I did back in 1999 by smacking my father-in-law in the face with a 12 pound, gold belt… Championship.” – Triple H

“Please don’t make others feel inferior to you, like I did for years by winning 50 Championships and sleeping with a hot red-head on live TV.” – Edge

“You should never talk down to anyone, like half the locker room and I do about Sheamus being pale.” – Michael Cole

Shall we go on? Could you imagine if UFC did this? I could just imagine the “Don’t fight people unless it’s for money” campaign. Would be a huge hit!

How about putting the convicted rapist into the Hall of Fame, but firing the guy who made a rapist joke on TV? Oh wait… that actually happened.

In any event, that’s all I have for now. I’m still not up to speed on TNA, as I have only caught 2 episodes of Impact in the last year. As soon as I get things straight on the angles, I’ll start putting my 2 cents in on them.

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