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Asking price to book Kelly Kelly

Believe it or not, a cool $10,000 to book former WWE diva Kelly Kelly for an independent wrestling appearance. A source tells GERWECK.NET, “Even more in some cases.”

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  1. ManWhale says:

    Tell ya what, toots, here’s what I’m cookin’ with. You come out, you wave at everyone, you do a few cartwheels and you work the leg for 10 minutes. That outta get a girl like you $5 anywhere I’ve ever been.

  2. Saint Savage says:

    Nice @Tad! If she goes to the HOF before Trish we riot!

  3. Drew says:

    If that is for the whole night, does she have a half hour or full hour price?

  4. Kyle Christie says:

    Still can’t run the ropes after 6 years of being in WWE and expects 10K…

  5. josh says:

    can someone lend me $10,000?

  6. -J- says:

    that a lot to catch herpes.

  7. DBRude says:

    As if the world needed another, grossly overpaid celeb…

  8. Colt says:

    Im a booker.

    Kelly Kelly Vs A Pen Is

    In a bounce on it to win match.

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