WWE Saturday Morning Slam Results

Sep 29, 2012 - by Atlee Greene

WWE Saturday Morning Slam Results 9/29/12

The Miz & Josh Matthews are the color commentators for this special health and fitness edition of Saturday Morning Slam.


– Santino Marella vs. Heath Slater

Santino looks for the cobra strike early as Heath Slater runs away and hides behind the referee. The ref breaks it up and Slater shoves Santino twice and Santino attempts a legit cobra strike and Slater falls to the mat in fear and Santino does his trombone taunt. The actions gets under way as the two lock up and Santino pushes Slater into the ropes and Slater lands a shoulder tackle but Santino doesn’t go down and Santino proceeds to mock Slater by playing some air guitar. We officially have a battle of air instruments as Santino plays an air flute and Slater responds with air drums. Santino responds with a little air piano and Slater replies with some air harmonica. Not to be out done, Santino serenades the fans with some air violin. Slater abandons the instruments and does some weird dance and Santino finishes the affair with some air Cello. The fans cheer and Slater yells “That’s not funny” and charges towards Santino for a sneak attack but Santino counters with a deep arm drag and Slater takes a powder outside the ring and yells Miz on commentary. Miz tells Slater that he lost the instrument air off and we go to commercial.


-We are treated to a PSA from The Miz telling kids to please don’t try this at home, school or anywhere.


We are back to in ring action and Slater avoids a drop kick, lands a knee drop and locks Santino up in body scissors. Santino rolls backwards for a two count but Slater whips Santino chest first into the turnbuckle and charges in with a shoulder into the gut. Slater whips Santino to the opposite corner and charges in with his shoulder again. For some reason, the camera panned to Miz and Matthews right before impact which could be a way of not showing to much violence on a children’s show. Elbow drop from Slater and he covers Santino for a two count. Slater locks Santino up in the body scissors again but Santino rolls back and Slater breaks the hold and once again, whips Santino into the corner turnbuckle. Slater taunts Santino, slaps him in the back of the head and applies he body scissors again. Santino powers out of it, whips Slater into the ropes and hits the takeover hip toss and diving headbutt. Santino puts on the cobra sock and tries to hit Slater in the face but Slater moved out of the way and avoided four strikes from the cobra. Slater kicks Santino but Santino catches his leg and hits the cobra strike on Slater’s leg causing it to go numb and rolls him up for the three count.


Winner via pinfall: Santino Marella


Saturday Morning Spotlight: Cody Rhodes lists the top five vanity superstars.

1. Cody Rhodes

2. Shawn Michaels

3. Ravishing Rick Rude

4. The Model Rick Martel

5. Narcissist Lex Luger


The 3rd Degree: Superstars list their favorite sport growing up

John Cena: Football

Daniel Bryan: Didn’t have a favorite high school sport because he was a jack of all trades

Kofi Kingston: Football

Beth Phoenix: Tennis

Kaitlyn: Soccer

Dolph Ziggler: Wrestling


Pop Quiz: Beth Phoenix asks who won the very first WWE iron man match?

  1. Stone Cold Steve Austin
  2. Shawn Michaels
  3. Bret Hart

The Answer is: Shawn Michaels



Video Vault: WWE’s most unique athletic idols:

  1. Simon Dean
  2. The Goon
  3. Abe “Knuckleball” Swartz
  4. Mr. Perfect



John Cena’s Health Tips

  1. Start every morning with a healthy breakfast
  2. Be Active
  3. Get a good night’s rest



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