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Video: Tammy Sytch reveals another affair from her past

Warning: Strong Language

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  1. Jake Allen says:

    Save yourself three minutes: Davey Boy Smith

  2. The Kayfabe Ninja says:

    Why beat a dead dog, miss piggy.

  3. Captain Ass says:

    She is such a skank bag. Poor Chris Candido….good guy who got screwed over by this drug addict freak.

  4. David K says:

    What else does she have in her life? Her life is spiraling out of control despite her recent stint in rehab. The quest to regain the fame that u once had, it matters not who you destroy along the way. But YouShoot is just as guilty as THEY let Tammy have her say and paid for her time & stories. Since Davey Boy is not around, who is to state otherwise.

  5. Rex Anderson says:

    I just lost all tiny respect for her.

    1. Sex with the Britsh Bulldog, nasty
    2. Sex with Shawn and the British Bulldog, and Chris Candido, cant seriously finish that, the stomach is very upset
    3. Did she say she doesn’t like chocolate? Sad

  6. Boogeyman says:

    Next she’ll say LOD 2000 got 1000 percent of her, she and xpac hooked up and oh she spread it for all of the WWF

  7. Madison says:

    UMMM.. this is pretty gross.

    I know for a fact that she also had an affair with Davey’s son, who is an indy wrestler that looks just like his dad. Nothing like keeping it in the family. Yuck.

  8. Rex Anderson says:


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