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Report on TNA policy change and independent bookings

– is reporting that TNA is now preventing its talent from
appearing for other independent promotions if they will be taped for
Internet pay-per-view or if they are set for a DVD release. Most of the
TNA wrestlers were allowed to be booked for other promotions, giving them
an opportunity to earn extra money when they are not touring or needed by
TNA. This new rule will halt most of the bookings as most indy shows do
sell their shows on DVD to help generate revenue. Indy promotion NSPW was
supposed to have Chavo Guerrero on an upcoming show but he had to be
dropped due to the new TNA policy. Guerrero blamed NSPW for “not honoring
their contract,” saying that they decided to film and sell the show on DVD
which “was never discussed.” The promotion fired back saying that
Guerrero’s claims are incorrect as they always sell DVDs of their shows
and this was never an issue with any of previous guests. “NSPW doesn’t
hold anything against Mr Guerrero and wishes him nothing but the best with
TNA Wrestling,” the promotion said in a statement.

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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5 Responses

  1. Del says:

    “NSPW finds the situation and the decision made by TNA to prevent talent from appearing on dvds to be unfortunate.”

    Why? This is why indy people are idiots when it comes to business. WWE certainly wouldn’t let their talent be used on another company’s DVD or PPV without their permission. ROH and DGUSA/EVOLVE have their own issues with iPPVs which is why they do not share talent anymore.

    The problem is not booking a talent to work a show. It is the problem of booking a talent you are going to use on a DVD or PPV. Why should you profit on someone contracted to another company? NSPW is paying Chavo one time and wants to profit on that with a DVD while TNA has him signed to a contract. Pretty simple stuff.

  2. Fisha695 says:

    I thought TNA had put this policy into place a few years ago when they went to Spike?

  3. McMahon says:

    TNA had allowed wrestlers to compete on shows that would be featured on DVD as long as the DVDs were being produced and sold by that promotion. If an independent third party was doing it (such as Highspots) or if the show was an iPPV or regular PPV then TNA talents couldn’t work it (or they’d have to cut that worker from the DVD/PPV).

    Now they won’t let anyone work any indy dates if that company produces a DVD of the show.

    It’s bad for the wrestlers because that limits where they can get paychecks from. TNA handles their booking prices (which raises them since it’s a wrestler’s indy fee + TNA’s fee) and now they’re cutting down the potential places the wrestlers can work.

    WWE doesn’t have to worry about this because WWE is a hugely more profitable company that also runs their own shows 5 days a week. Their workers don’t need extra non-WWE compensation and their schedule doesn’t allow it anyway. How WWE handles things are significantly more expensive, but they can afford to run all of the shows that they do. TNA couldn’t run a WWE schedule. It wouldn’t be successful. You can’t compare the 2 just because they’re wrestling promotions; you need to look at the details that go into making these kind of decisions.

  4. GL says:

    I miss the “open door policy” in TNA :(

  5. ironFNMaiden says:

    Some of these guys don’t make enough as is, so this really isn’t fair.

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