9/26 OVW TV Report

Sep 27, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

by Trent Vandrisse

Here’s the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television report for episode#684, which was taped on Sept. 26th, 2012, with an air date of Sept. 29th in Louisville. This episode is already available online at www.ovwrestling.com

The big news coming out of OVW this week is that long time color commentator, and before that a longtime manager here, Kenny Bolin, announced that he was leaving OVW, at least for the television tapings, for the time being, and possibly for good. Bolin will never be confused with a great wrestling announcer, but he did bring a very unique, albeit often self serving, perspective to the product, and did things totally his way, in part because he was allowed to say whatever the Hell he wanted to. He will be missed for sure, his presence is always missed during his absences. He comes with the place basically. Before becoming an announcer he managed many of the guys who are top names in the WWE today while they were in OVW, including John Cena. Here’s what Bolin posted on his Facebook about his departure.

I am very sad to announce that tonight will be my last OVW TV show for quite some time if ever again. i do hope to return one day down the road but i just have to many things going on in my life right now that i have to deal with and need my attention first. it has been a rough two months for me and my family and i have to leave this area to attend to some of my family issues. i will attempt to do some Saturday night specials in the near future and i truly do hope to return to TV some time in the next 3 to 6 months. i can not make any guarantees on that though. i know this is news to most of my family and friends and to OVW but after some long discussions it seems to be the only answer for now. i do hope that many of my friends and fans will come out to the Davis Arena tonight and say good bye…..at least for now. i also hope to restart season 4 of The Bolin Alley in the very near future and will give updates from my radio show. i want to thank you all for 18 glorious years at OVW and i truly do hope this is not the end.
Kenny “StarMaker” Bolin

The big news to come out of this episode is they did an injury angle with OVW Heavyweight champion Crimson at the end of the show, which now puts his scheduled title defense against Rob Terry at the October 6th Saturday Night Special in serious jeopardy. Won’t know for sure though until the “go home” show TV taping next Wednesday. But, I was wondering about both Terry and Crimson appearing here October 6th anyhow since they are both scheduled at autograph shows for that weekend, Crimson in New York State, Rob Terry in London, England.
Brad Maddox, the incompetent “rookie referee” on RAW in the angle with CM Punk & Paul Heyman is former OVW heavyweight champion Beef Wellington. I think he somewhat resembles a young Eric Bischoff nowadays.

Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, & Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers for this episode. Ron Hed was the ring announcer.

1. Dylan Bostic w/Taeler Hendrix vs Eddie Diamond w/Timmy Danger was ruled a no contest

A match opened this episode. This was Dylan Bostic’s first match back since suffering a shoulder injury in the Nightmare Rumble. After a few minutes of action Rob Terry came in the ring and chokeslammed Eddie Diamond. He then went after Bostic, but Bostic used Taeler Hendrix as a shield, which caused Hendrix to get pissed off at Bostic yet again. He might have been better off just taking a beating from Rob Terry than to deal with her wrath. The bout was thrown out.

Terry then cut an angry promo about Crimson finally revealing himself for sure as a snake to him last week, and he demanded that Crimson come out now.

After a commercial, Terry was still in the ring yelling for Crimson to come out. Finally, Trailer Park Trash, the director of operations for OVW, along with his assistant Josette Bynum, came out. TPT said he sympathized with Terry, but that he can’t have him holding up the show, and threatened to suspend Rob Terry if he doesn’t leave the ring now. Terry reluctantly did leave. Jeez, they aren’t making these show hold up angles like they used to, what a wuss out.

2. OVW Women’s champion Heidi Lovelace beat Epiphany in a non title match

Lovelace got the win with a kick. She’s on a roll here right now.

We were then taken backstage where The Best Team Ever(Jessie Godderz & Rudy Switchblade), who are the current OVW Southern tag team champions, were having a debate about which one of them would represent the team in a “Captains match” tonight. Crimson then happened by, being very cocky. BTE informed Crimson that Rob Terry was looking for him, Crimson was unconcerned. Rob Terry then happened by looking for Crimson, so BTE pointed him in the right direction, even though they, like Crimson, are heels.

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage…Mo Green was talking in sad tones to Brittany DeVore about the concussion and lacerations his charge Chris Silvio suffered last week at the hands of Cliff Compton. Compton then came into the room laughing about injuring Silvio, causing an argument between Green & Compton. James “Moose” Thomas, of all people, stepped in between them, standing up for Mo Green, which resulted in a Compton vs Moose match here tonight.

3. Doug Williams beat Tony Gunn

It was during this match that Kenny Bolin’s departure from OVW TV for now was revealed to the television audience, though there were hints about it given earlier in the show too. This was the second week in a row for Doug Williams wrestling on OVW TV, and again, it was a pleasure to watch. Williams missed a top rope elbow at one point, and Tony Gunn followed it up with an airplane spin and a back suplex. Williams though came back and again got the win with a rolling German suplex with a bridge.

Backstage, I guess to determine who their team “Captain” would be, Jessie Godderz snuck into the Ladies dressing room in the dark and stole someones underwear and bra, perhaps belonging to Taeler Hendrix. Rudy Switchblade then tried to go in and steal something himself, but the lights came on and he was caught in the act by Epiphany.

Rob Terry then ran into “Smooth” Johnny Spade backstage. Spade told Terry he was glad he finally saw the light about Crimson, and Spade then went with Terry to help him find Crimson.

Crimson then came out of another room with the “Wildcards”(Shiloh Jonze & Raul Lamotta). Crimson said got the Wildcards back in the building for the night, and set them up with some ladies for later. Crimson has these jokers in his hip pocket.

Jason Wayne came to the ring with Prince Bolin and cut a promo on the old “Don’t ask don’t tell” policy of the Military, saying it disgusts him. This suggests a match between Wayne and the at least somewhat openly Gay Brandon Espinosa is on the horizon. Wayne then heaped much mental and borderline physical abuse on ring announcer Ron Hed, and ring announcer Josh Ashcraft.

4. Jason Wayne w/Prince Bolin beat Elvis Pridemore by submission

Squash win for Jason Wayne via armbar submission. After the match Wayne recited the Pledge of Allegiance while he continued to beat on Elvis Pridemore.

5. Alex Silva beat Joe Coleman w/Prince Bolin to retain the OVW TV Title

Kenny Bolin and Dean Hill did more reminiscing about the past than match calling early on here, which annoyed Gilbert Corsey. Coleman worked over the left leg of Alex Silva after giving him a chop block to it. Silva though still hit his “Silva Surfer” running knee finisher, with his bad leg, to win and retain the OVW TV title. Joe Coleman seems to always let Prince Bolin down, but yet he remains in the BS 2.0 stable.

6. Ted McNaler w/Brittany DeVore beat Jessie Godderz in a “Captains match”

I guess stealing ladies underwear makes one a “Captain” in the world of the “Best Team Ever”. I wonder how the “Mobile Homers” figured out that Ted McNaler was the Captain of their team instead of Adam Revolver, though months ago McNaler was named the captain of their team when they were still called “The Elite”. Godderz pitched McNaler over the top rope while Brittany DeVore had the ref distracted. That spot made no sense. DeVore later gave her man McNaler a taste of “Rocket Fuel” to revive him. Rudy Switchblade ran out and “accidentally” caused Jessie Godderz to be crotched on the top rope. Switchblade then went for the ring bell hammer, but Godderz wanted a tag title belt instead to use as a weapon. McNaler though then speared Godderz to get the win. Let’s face it kids, this one was a bit of a mess, if not a full blown mess. Godderz & Switchblade will defend the tag titles against McNaler & Adam Revolver on October 6th.

We were again taken backstage to a huge pull apart between Rob Terry and Crimson. No physicality occurred with them here, but lots of yelling and screaming by many people. Trailer Park Trash finally kicked Rob Terry out of the Davis Arena for the night.

7. Cliff Compton beat James “Moose” Thomas

Strange pairing with these two. Compton, a full fledged heel now, is wrestling dressed ala Raven. Compton ran from Moose until Mo Green got involved, so Compton chased after him. During the track meet, Compton managed to roll up Moose for the win. Hard to even call this bunch of nothing a match.

We were then taken outside to a wild parking lot brawl between Rob Terry and Crimson that looked great! They both came into the Davis Arena thru the side door, and brawled on the floor for a few minutes, which was also good stuff. Finally in the ring, Terry gave Crimson a spear to his right knee, and the show went off the air with Crimson yelling and holding his knee. Crimson has done a fake knee injury bit a few times since coming to OVW, but this looked like a legit injury angle.

Lots of matches on this weeks show, but none of them the least bit memorable, though Doug Williams vs Tony Gunn was enjoyable. The show closing brawl though with Rob Terry and Crimson was intense, and pretty darned tremendous really, though the backstage segments with them earlier, and Terry’s wimpy, and then aborted, attempt to hold up the show left me pretty cold. But it’s about ending strong, and that they did here, big time. It leaves more questions than answers though. If Terry vs Crimson is not a “go” for October 6th, and it seems rather doubtful it will be, that leaves the Saturday Night Special with no main event. Here’s hoping that Kenny Bolin will come back at some point, though he wasn’t strong at all on this his final TV show for now. Send any feedback to tvd65@hotmail.com

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