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Raw Rating (Lowest rating of the year)

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The 9/24 WWE Monday Night Raw drew a 2.72 cable rating with an average of 3.79 million viewers. The first hour drew 3.78 million, the second hour drew 3.99 million and the third hour drew 3.60 million. This is down from the 2.9 rating the show drew last week with 4.1 million viewers.

It is the lowest rating for the show since moving to three hours on 7/23 and is the lowest non-holiday rating for the show all year.

Below are Raw comparison numbers since 7/23.

7/23 Raw: 6.02 million viewers (average)
7/30 Raw: 4.50 million viewers (average)
8/6 Raw: 4.37 million viewers (average)
8/13 Raw: 4.13 million viewers (average)
8/20 Raw: 4.48 million viewers (average)
8/27 Raw: 4.48 million viewers (average)
9/3 Raw: 4.20 million viewers (average)
9/10 Raw: 4.14 million viewers (average)
9/17 Raw: 4.1 million viewers (average)
9/24 Raw: 3.79 million viewers (average)

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12 Responses

  1. Gerry says:

    Save this article and headline because you’ll most likely be using it again next week

  2. Jon says:

    This is the reason why WWE loves using Cena :(

  3. cesar says:


  4. RYDER-MAN says:

    Sure nobody mention the HUGE Packers(a team with possibly the largest fan base) vs Sea Hawk game. A game that is currently getting more media attention than the WWE could ever dream about….

    ALSO, CM Punk didn’t wrestle and has been made to look weak in recent weeks. The only real standout match was Dolph vs Kofi(who has been poorly booked for years now). Other featured matches were mix matched gimmicky tag matches and 2 single matches with poor finishes.

    This has NOTHING to do with Cena’s surgery. It has EVERYTHING to do with WWE not being able to create storylines and draw in the right crowds to compete with the ratings Monday Night Football can draw.

  5. Fisha695 says:

    Here is the thing, right now the NFL has two things going for it.
    #1 The majority of the games have been super-close this season so far.
    #2 People are tuning in to see how bad the refs will screw up.

  6. jim says:

    Nfl. Wake up obviously that’s why the ratings are low. Don’t try and make more out of it than there really is. So lame. Nothing to do with anything else. It’s football season

  7. Nolo King says:

    I am trying to watch RAW right now and this show has gotten so awful, same people, same crap, you can go weeks without watching and nothing really progresses, lawls!

  8. jim says:

    If was trying to be legitimate they would mention football and get outside their wrestling bubble. Stuff like this annoys tee he’ll out of me

  9. rob says:

    Yeah, Cena was their main event. I was actually at the show and I didn’t once hear them say anything prior to the show to build hype. All I knew going into it was that Cena had surgery and an endorsement with the susan b. komen foundation.

    Also, to back what Ryder is saying … there’s no reason to book Punk to look like a pansy heel that is incapable of competing in a match. That style of booking completely goes against what he and his contemporaries have done in their time with Ring of Honor. I’d really like it if WWE spent more time making their product seem competitive and compelling. if not, I will gladly stick to watching Football and premium TV shows.

  10. Beatnik says:

    I am absolutely shocked that so many people are down on the WWE product. I SINCERELY believe that the product is evolving and getting BETTER! When I first got married five months ago, my wife always laughed at me when I watched Raw on Mondays, and now she’s watching a majority of it WITH me!

  11. Randy Pena says:

    It’s obvious they have the lowest ratings right now, it’s something called Monday Night Football standing in their way.

  12. The Kayfabe Ninja says:

    Of the 25+ years of watching professional wrestling I have to agree with @ Nolo King on this one. As long as Linda McMahon is pursuing a career in the public sector expect this to go on, seeing Daniel Bryan’s head in Dr. Shelby’s lap was a low point of the show indeed. Next week, Santino’s cobra probes Ryback!

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