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Hulk Hogan wants Devon to return to TNA

Hulk Hogan apparently really wants TNA Television champion Devon to return to TNA.

He tweeted: “I want Devon back more than anybody and on top of everything else he’s a quality person and a gift from the man above,HH.”

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  1. 50 shades of gay says:

    And he’s black!

  2. Hipnosis says:

    TNA now has 1 BLACK MAN on the Roster. D’Angelo Dinero. What the hell happen? Bring back Jeff Jarrett he never keeps the black man down!! Remember Cheex?! Monty Brown!? D-Ray 3000!?! Help a brotha OUT!!

  3. Drew says:


  4. PrimalScream says:

    As much as I appreciate Devons contributions to wrestling, I dont think he is tha special as a singles wrestler. He lacks the charisma that Bully Ray has.. as part of a tag team, he is fine. As a singles wrestler, he has nothing unique to offer..

    Hulk Hogan is overreacting.

    In My Opinion..

  5. jim says:

    Kenny king

  6. theo says:

    man i went to high school with d ray 3000 lol bring him back forget devon :)

  7. loo s says:

    TNA is based out of the south…. Long live the confederacy right?

  8. loo s says:


  9. Booker T says:

    Hulk Hogan we comin fo you ninja

  10. killpgnow says:

    U sure it ain’t the 90s…… I mean aged hogan and co. Pulling down a company slightly racist roster selections…… not pushing their own talent and relying on outside talent and dudes past their prime? Ok man if ur sure lol

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