9/22 WWE house show results from White Plains, NY

Sep 23, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

*Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara defeated the Miz and Tensai via Swanton bomb on Tensai.

After the match Miz grabbed the mic and says he never lost and is tired of partners losing and holding him down. He says he could beat Rey. Rey comes down the ramp and they start a match…

*Rey Mysterio defeated the Miz via a 619 in a non-title match.

*Michael McGuillicuty defeated Dean Ambrose. The crowd wasn’t into this match but Ambrose got a decent reaction from people who knew him.

*WWE United States champion Antonio Cesaro defeated Zack Ryder. A solid match that went back and forth. Crowd was very pro Ryder.


*Damien Sandow defeats Justin Gabriel.

*In a match with special guest referee Aksana, WWE Divas champ Eve defeats Leyla. Match had great spots that the crowd enjoyed. They both were doing a split on the mat while throwing punches at each other. Solid match by both performers. Eve caught Layla with a neckbreaker after she almost nailed Aksana, who purposely stepped in the way. Layla pushed Aksana away, allowing Eve to nail the finisher.

*Brodus clay defeats Heath Slater with a splash and danced with some kids.

*Big Show defeated WWE champ CM Punk via DQ when Punk nailed him with the WWE title belt. The fans decided it’s a lumberjack match. The match starts and CM punk is trying to escape, but gets thrown back by Ryder and Gabriel. There was a nice spot with a chokeslam attempt turned into a DDT delivered by Punk. A few chops from Big Show to Punk. Punk tried escaping a few times and even ran up the aisle, but kept getting thrown back in. Big Show hit his chokeslam finisher on Punk but Damien Sandow put Punk’s foot on the rope. Show nailed several heels who got on the apron. The lumberjacks started fighting with each other. Heyman slid Punk the belt and he nailed Show. Punk worked over Show. Rey hit the ring to make the save but was clobbered with the belt. Cara then hit the ring and was laid out as well. Punk celebrated on the buckles but Show recovered behind his back and KO’d Punk as he came off the ropes. Show left with the Luchadors. An unconscious Punk was dragged to the back by officials as Heyman screamed concern.

source: PWInsider.com

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