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Randy Orton Update

Randy Orton tweeted:

At The Keg in Vancouver with @bongofthedead aka Tom Newman, the Prod Coordinator for #12RoundsReloaded after a long day of stunt rehearsals … Worked on a fight scene today with my Stunt Team for #12RoundsReloaded. Jet Li look the $@#% out!

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  1. Big Andy says:

    Uh…I’m pretty sure Jet Li can fall without dislocating something.

    Wandy Owtin so fwagile!

  2. ManWhale says:

    You know this guy has potential….to be the worst actor ever. what was that movie about being a punk in middle school? you know the one to stop picking on the queers or whatever. randy orton had like 2 lines in the trailer “I’ll have to go to the papers if I have to” and “I have a problem with one of the teachers.” dear god randy, cut the crap and get back in the ring. hopefully your dad will bust his cast over your head and knock some sense back into you, but if he did that, then you’d be out for another year or two.

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