9/19 OVW TV Report

Sep 20, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

by Trent Vandrisse

Here’s the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television report for episode#683, which was taped on September 19th, 2012, with an air date of Sept. 22nd in Louisville. This episode is already available online at www.ovwrestling.com. The big stuff to come out of this episode is Rob Terry makes a babyface turn, finally figuring out how full of crap Crimson is, and OVW trainer Doug Williams works a match this week on TV. This is a rush job of a report on my part, even more so than usual, due to time constraints.

Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey and the returning Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers for this episode. Ron Hed was the ring announcer.

Heidi Lovelace beat Taeler Hendrix to win the OVW Women’s title on the September 15th OVW house show in Elizabethtown, Ky.

The show opened with “Smooth” Johnny Spade backstage looking for the “Wildcards”(Shiloh Jonze & Raul Lamotta). They cost Spade the OVW title last week by attacking him as he defended against Crimson. Spade finally found the new champ Crimson backstage, who was on the phone, and he denied being in cahoots with the Wildcards. He was lying about that.

Jason Wayne came out complaining that there was too much women wrestling on this show, that women belong barefoot and preggo in the kitchen. Wayne then ordered ring announcer Ron Hed to shine his boots with Hed’s tie.

1. Jason Wayne beat Arik Kristopher by submission

Squasharoonie job here. Wayne was aggressive, and got the easy win via armbar submission.

Wayne, a former Marine, which he brags about often, then tried to lead the crowd in the pledge of allegiance, but then quit doing it cuz people weren’t standing.

Backstage the Mobile Homers were looking for their “Rocket Fuel”(moonshine), though Brittany DeVore said they had to lay off of it to be in training for a tag title shot. The Rocket Fuel ended up being in the bag of Bolin Services 2.0 backstage, and the two groups argued about how it got there. Meanwhile in another room, The Best Team Ever(Rudy Switchblade & Jessie Godderz), who are the current OVW Southern tag team champions, were having a laughing fit, so no doubt they planted the Rocket Fuel in the BS 2.0 bag.

Cliff Compton came to the floor and cut a promo on Chris Silvio, talking about a lumberjack match he had against him in E-Town last Saturday. Silvio came out, and Compton ran away, but then he snuck back out and attacked Silvio, viciously banging his head on the steel ring steps several times. The geek squad ran out and broke it up, but the damage was done, Chris Silvio was down and injured on the floor. This Silvio vs Compton feud started off quite harmlessly, but it now has no end in sight, and has taken a very ugly turn.

2. The Mobile Homers(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) w/Brittany DeVore beat Joe Coleman & Jack Black w/Prince Bolin

Jessie Godderz & Rudy Switchblade joined the announce booth for this one. Dean Hill asked them about dissension within their ranks, but Godderz denied it, even though it’s very clear there is. Adam Revolver took the heat for awhile in the match. Later Revolver threw Rocket Fuel into the eyes of Jack Black, blinding him, and causing him to knock his own partner Joe Coleman down several times. The Mobile Homers then won it with their double team spear spot on Black, and they are the #1 contenders to Godderz & Switchblade.

Crimson met up with Rob Terry backstage and said he and arranged things so he could team with Terry tonight. Terry was skeptical, but said he would do it to find out were things really stood with him and Crimson.

3. Doug Williams beat Randy Royal

What a nice surprise and treat to see Doug Williams wrestle on OVW TV! This was a scientific showcase that saw Williams win it with a bridging German suplex. A pleasure to watch.

Ryan Howe was talking to Alex Silva backstage. Silva beat Howe to win the OVW TV title last week, and Howe said he wanted another crack at Silva to win it back. A large Black man named Onyxx entered the room in intimidating fashion, and said he would face Silva for the TV title tonight.

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage Josette Bynum was on the phone saying she couldn’t believe Trailer Park Trash drank the coffee last week after what she poured into it. TPT then called Bynum into the office and requested another cup, stunning her even more. So what did she spike it with anyhow??

Jason Wayne tried to intimidate Brandon Espinosa backstage, but Espinosa fired back on him, and Wayne backed down. That appears to be the game here, when Wayne is challenged on what he says, he backs away quickly.

Crimson met up with Doug Williams backstage, and said he was surprised Williams is still wrestling. Williams said he’s here training people, but his juices are still flowing as a wrestler, and he seemed like he’d like a crack at Crimson’s OVW heavyweight title, which the thought of that seemed to worry Crimson.

4. Alex Silva beat Onyxx to retain the OVW TV title

This Onyxx is a large Black man, but is not the same Black wrestler who worked for years in Georgia as Onyx. This guy here is heavily tattooed, and it built like a smaller, in shape, version of Bigger Daddy V. The said this guy was a nose guard on a college football team. Onyxx dominated Alex Silva early on. Silva his hit Silva Surfer running knee finisher, but couldn’t get the pin on Onyxx, but he then hit a second one that did the trick to retain the OVW TV title for Alex Silva. Tough first defense for him.

Johnny Spade met with Rob Terry backstage and said he couldn’t believe Terry was teaming with Crimson tonight. Terry said he is going to figure out who the snake it tonight, and then cut its head off.

5. OVW Women’s champion Heidi Lovelace beat Jessie Belle in a non title match

Babyface vs babyface match here. Lovelace won it with a suplex very quickly, but it was going well the short time it lasted, which wasn’t long enough.

6. The Iwi(King & Te Tahi) with “Mr. 100%” Gary O. Davis beat Rob Terry & “Smooth” Johnny Spade

TV main event time. Rob Terry was supposed to team with Crimson here, but Crimson was nowhere to be found. The Iwi and their manager are from New Zealand, and were in OVW very briefly about 18 months ago. They left then, something about being deported storyline wise, never to return, but hey, it’s pro ‘rasslin, and they’re back, maybe briefly again who knows. I’m glad to see them, I like this team. The Iwi did an Uso’s like ritual before the match. The Iwi beat on Rob Terry for a bit, until “Smooth” Johnny Spade ran out to be Terry’s partner in Crimson’s unexplained absence. The Wildcards ran out, and Shiloh Jonze gave Spade a superkick, but the Iwi still couldn’t put Spade away. Finally Terry had the Iwi set up for a double chokeslam when Crimson ran in and shoved Spade into Terry. But the jig was up by then, Terry knew that Crimson was the snake, not Spade. The Iwi however then pulled off a major upset win by pinning Terry after hitting him with an international, and I do mean an international, object. Whew, talk about a lot going on at once. Crimson will defend the OVW title against now babyface Rob Terry at the October 6th OVW Saturday Night Special.

Really good show this week. Lots of new talent appeared, and the new blood gave the place some much needed new life. Everything clicked pretty well this episode. Send any feedback to tvd65@hotmail.com

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