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WWE and All Japan form an alliance

Tokyo Sport reports that World Wrestling Entertainment and All Japan Pro Wrestling have forged an alliance and will be working together.

The agreement was brokered by John Laurinaitis, who had previously worked for All Japan for more than a decade.

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  1. JohnBash101 says:

    I hope they cross promote

  2. Matthew says:

    SAME HERE. Dang, it’s about time they worked with other companies

  3. Stijn says:

    Crossing fingers for Undertaker – Great Muta at Wrestlemania :-)

  4. The Kayfabe Ninja says:

    Remember Kai En Tai?

  5. Deathedge says:

    And if JL was actually on his way out of WWE, he just saved his job. I’m interested to see how WWE uses this. I’m personally more into NJPW, but AJPW is awesome too.

  6. Y_Set says:

    Meh. They’ll just have some superstars from All Japan for the purpose of “racial diversity” and then they’ll end up squashed by Brodus Clay, Big Show, Tensai, Damien Sandow, or Ryback.

  7. M.J. Wright says:

    AJPW needs this as they are practically dead1 Dead enough to be BOUGHT BY THE WWE!!!! Hmmmmmm……………………..

  8. havok says:

    a new japan invasion would be interesting as long as it didnt end up like the wcw/ecw invasion

  9. Urvy says:

    It’ll be like the old WWF/E-*insert Japanese promotion here* team ups from those Coliseum Video tapes, where they showed matches with WWF/WWE stars battling Japanese stars on a typical Coliseum Video tape match.

  10. Your hero says:

    No chance of an “invasion”… At least not on a WWE show. I’m not sure what WWE’s incentive is here other than to increase their revenue in foreign markets, which I believe was already going fairly well.

    It’d be fair to assume more Japanese talent could be on their way to headline some Saturday morning WWE show. Who knows, maybe WWE will take a liking to a talent, give him a mouthpiece and use him.

  11. Fisha695 says:

    This is kind of interesting on a few fronts.

    WWE games are made by Yukes & Yukes owns a stake in NJPW.

    WWE has a long history with Antonio Inoki (at one time a partnership with NJPW that Urvy mentioned in a comment above), so it’s interesting that they didn’t partner with his new promotion the Inoki Genome Federation.

    It’s also interesting that even with this partnership JBL was dropping NJPW/IWGP multiple times during Raw.

    TNA has(had?) a partnership with NJPW & it appears that IGF is the NWA rep for Japan so I guess that could explain why they went with AJPW (it was the only one left). Though you would think with the NWA going though it’s drama now would’ve been a good time for IGF to get out and hop aboard the WWE bandwagon.

    Wonder if we could see a WWE & CMLL partnership in the future given that TNA is aligned with AAA.

    Though at the end of the day I see this “Partnership” being no more expansive then the current Long-Standing Partnership that the WWE has with WCC.

    Oh and if that seems kind of rambling it’s because I’m really really tired right now haha

  12. TRUTH says:

    i like the idea of this, but in the end i am more a fan of dragon gate.

  13. Nick says:

    I wonder if WWE will use this as a new way to season some of their younger NXT level stars. Giving them some time in front of Japanese crowds might help some of them (At least the guys that don’t already have extensive Japanese experience.)

  14. Honest Man says:

    Lol at an internet user really thinking Laurinaitis was ever being on his way out og WWE.

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