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WWE removing more content from YouTube

From Dann:

Saw a post on here the other day regarding WWE trying to block all Youtube footage from certain attitude era stars etc..

WWE has flagged, and successfully had removed most Chyna videos from her wrestling, although there is still a few matches of her managing Triple H. Try typing “Chyna vs” into YouTube.. any of the videos of her singles matches, have been reported and removed.

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  1. Mr. Black says:

    This is insane. WWE is trying to run away from their past like nothing ever happened in order to get Linda a senate seat. I hope to god that Linda fails miserably and I hope the slander works. Everyone should know that the product will suffer drastically if Linda gets elected. If any of you live in CT and are planning on voting in the upcoming election, think about the future of the WWE and DON’T vote for Linda.

  2. Kerry says:

    So because they’re trying to move away from & ignore the past to protect their image, the fans are not allowed to see their old material on social media. Brilliant move.

  3. Obie says:

    There have been some removed but many are still available. Chyna vs Ivory at Wrestlemania for example. I still see more than 40 available to watch.

  4. Paul says:

    I agree with Mr. Black. WWE can run away from their past all they want, but someday, it will come back and bite them on the ass!

  5. Will Henderson says:

    if the WWE want to erase it’s past, why don’t they just say the history of the WWE dates back to 2002 and all things before the WWF became the WWF, happened in a defunct company that was the predecessor to the WWE.

  6. Fisha695 says:

    I kinda side with WWE on this. They have every right to protect & enforce their copyrights, those videos on Youtube are there without the WWE’s permission and WWE is well within their legal, moral & business rights/responsibilities to remove any WWE Copy-written content that they want from Youtube or any other site.

    And quite frankly if anybody thought that the WWE videos would stay on Youtube once the Network got off the ground anyway is an Ignoramus. l0l

  7. Israel S. says:

    By doing this, you’re just gonna drive away the fans that built that company. And somehow they think that the WWE Universe of fans are gonna vote for Linda. Come on. That is such a joke. And imagine what the WWE product will look like if she does get elected.

  8. Dev says:

    If WWE removes all the attitude era videos, there will be nothing left to know about the past of wwe, even today thousands of wwe fans watch attitude era matches and promos from youtube, and wwe is ready to loose that fan base, so that senile Linda gets a senate seat……
    If WWE plans to air only PG matches in their new TV Network, no one is gonna pay for that crap…, well except kids….

  9. Dev says:

    If Linda wins, WWE falls….. And a day may come, TNA stating on their website, “The Rise and fall of WWF/WWE” DVD will be available in Blu ray also….

  10. Plus its an insult to all the wrestlers from the past, who were part of the times that helped define the company.

  11. Dev says:

    yeah you’re rifght @theprincedann, its an insult for those who worked their ass off to build this company…

  12. Fisha695 says:

    Actually by doing this and forcing people to pay to watch that content on demand/network/WWE Youtube or on official WWE DVDs it actually helps the wrestlers from the past because then they get Royalty checks

  13. @fisha695
    Yeah but, they will be showing really old vintage stuff from the Pat Patterson, Jimmy Snuka etc era on the network..

    they won’t be showing attitude era stuff, that isn’t pg.. for example, Chyna beating on men, original DX stuff, Val Venis stuff.. you get my point. People started watching when things were edgy, daring and pushing the boundaries. That’s when ratings went highest they ever were. Not when you had Bob Backlund with 10 minute sleeper holds (which doesn’t mean I don’t respect him, cos I do) or when you had John Cena winning so many world titles regardless of the fact he can barely wrestle.

    Ratings were highest ever, in the attitude era. FACT. Austin, Rock, Ministry of Darkness, Chyna, DX.. and this is the chapter of history WWE is trying to erase.

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