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WWE removes video Democrats upload against Linda McMahon

Last week, a team of from the WWE legal department started flagging down
videos on YouTube which had to be removed, mostly the Attitude Era edgier
videos which were being used against Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign by
the Democrats. “In response to news that the WWE is scrubbing the internet
of sexually explicit material from Linda McMahon¹s tenure as CEO, the
Connecticut Democratic Party is launching a new campaign to highlight the
truth about McMahon’s past,” read a press release from the Democratic
Party of Connecticut. Instead of uploading to YouTube, the Democrats
uploaded the video on another video sharing website, Vimeo, saying that
they are re-releasing a video which highlights the type of programming
Linda McMahon market to children. “The video includes footage of wrestlers
engaging in lewd sex acts, including one scene in which a wrestler has sex
with a corpse,” the press release adds. Included in the press release was
the link to the Vimeo video, which funny enough, the WWE legal team also
got their hands on, managing to take it off the Internet once again. The
video was titled “PG TV?” and the link now goes to a notice saying that
the video was removed due to a third-party notification by World Wrestling
Entertainment, Inc., claiming that that the footage used is infringing
their copyright.

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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  1. Fisha695 says:

    WWE has every right to protect their Copyrights/Trademarks (though I would think something like a few second clips would fall under Fair-Use laws). However I think trying to hide the past will actually do more harm for her campaign (as seen in the article above it’s already being used against her) then “embracing” the past and admitted…

    “Yeah we used to do that as part of our Scripted Entertainment with Actors/es who willing participated in it. Our product at the time was no more worse then many other shows that were on Primetime Cable TV during that period and our shows were not geared towards Children but were geared toward Young Adults which is reflected in not only the Content Rating that was applied to those shows but in also the Nielsen Media Research Ratings Numbers.”

    I would also bring up how their own Democratic Party elected the likes of Jerry Springer who later went on to be one of the biggest Filth Peddlers in the World, and Al Franken who was in some less then “Family Friendly” skits on SNL before becoming a Politician (and I’m sure there is more dirt that could be dug up too).

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