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Live notes from Night of Champions in Boston’s Mike McMahon was in attendance at WWE Night of Champions in Boston on Sunday. He’ll also be in Bridgeport, Conn. for Monday’s Raw. Follow his live updates @MisterMcMahon and follow @Gerweck for all your latest news and notes from around pro wrestling.

BOSTON — A typical hot crowd in Boston for Sunday’s Night of Champions. Here are a few live notes:

– The battle royal on the Youtube pre-show came across quite well live. It might have had something to do with it being the opening contest, but the crowd was really into it. They seemed to be solidly behind Brodus Clay, and once he was eliminated, Santino turned into the crowd favorite.

– A legitimate sellout, I’d say, for WWE once again. The only sections blocked off with black tarps were the ones by the entrance area. As has been the case at most events recently, I’m sure, Daniel Bryan’s “YES YES YES!” and “NO NO NO!” chants were super over, with the crowd going back and forth in the concourse and in the arena before anything even began.

– Randy Orton seemed to get into a verbal confrontation with a fan following his win over Dolph Ziggler. From where I sat, it was hard to tell what was being said, but both Orton and the fan seemed to be animated.

– Speaking of Ziggler, the Boston crowd loved him. By the time the match with Orton ended, I thought WWE could have had Ziggler cash in his MITB later in the night for a win and the place would explode with a huge face pop. They really appreciated his hard work. There was, at one point, a dueling “Let’s go Randy!” vs. “Let’s go Ziggler!” chants.

– The crowd seemed flat for the Daniel Bryan-Kane tag title win. The match ended sort of quickly, without a long build to the finish, so perhaps it caught the building by surprise, but the crowd popped bigger for the hug than they did the finish. The backstage segment later in the show, where AJ and Bryan got dumped with Gatorade, went over really well.

– JBL from where I was sitting up top, got a mixed reaction. Some fans likely still booing him remembering his heel persona. Some older fans were giving him cheers to welcome him back.

– Cole was calm and professional during his intro, which included a nice round of applause from the Boston fans. Last time WWE ran this building, it was just prior to Wrestlemania and Cole came out to the ring with his arms in the air celebrating, like he just won a match. Obviously, this was still during the heel days for his character.

– After Cole was introduced and before the PPV went on the air, the entire building broke out into a loud and booming “Jerry!” chant.

– Even though this is John Cena’s home turf, the Boston crowd is very much like a Canadian crowd or a Chicago/Philadelphia crowd. It’s older. So, Cena got a mostly mixed reaction on his introduction with a loud section of boos. Punk’s cheers from the older crowd easily drowned out the boos from the youngsters.

– Once the match started, the Punk fans were all over Cena with a smattering of “You can’t wrestle!” chants. When Punk had Cena in a sleeper early in the match and was perched up sort of in a bridge position, a section of the crowd down near the railing started a “That is wrestling!” chant.

– The longer the Cena-Punk match went, the more Cena vs. Punk fans started to mold into just one loud crowd reaction. Most of the building popped for the finish, thinking Cena won the title. Honestly, I was surprised. The draw drew a lot of heat, meaning it did its job. It was definitely unexpected. There was a lot of buzz from folks heading to the exits about the finish. Most people seemed to like it, because it meant we are going to get more of Cena-Punk. There were more than a few false finishes where even the most jaded fan thought the match was over. Punk using the Rock Bottom on Cena drew a huge reaction.

– The section near where John Cena Sr. was sitting was full of Cena family and friends as well as employees and breast cancer survivors from Susan G. Komen for a Cure.

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