An Open Letter to the Wrestling World from ROH’s “Brutal” Bob Evans

Sep 12, 2012 - by Atlee Greene

An open letter from “Brutal” Bob Evans to the wrestling world:




Over the past 4 years, I have gone through a career resurgence that has been nothing but a blessing to me.  I’ve overcome obstacles, challenges, and people to be able to show my craft on a national stage in a limited capacity.



That’s the word that eats at me:  “Limited.”



It’s my fault; no one else’s.  For 2 years, I have been told by many that my best use was as a “Manager” or “Trainer” and I couldn’t be utilized in a wrestling ring.  I didn’t want to hear that.  So I trained my ass off.  When I bucked the odds and appeared for the first time on National TV in June of this year, I was told it was going to be in a limited capacity.  Then I did better than expected.



I was put on a Pay-Per-View event in August it was predicted I would fall flat on my face.  Then I did better than expected.  I almost defeated Adam Cole on several occasions 3 weeks before my birthday.



Now, as I pass my birthday, my 40th, I realize that I don’t have all the time in the world, and progress has been slow.  I want to wrestle on the national stage regularly!  If I wait for management to act,  I may lose my chance at a great ending to a solid, but unspectacular run.  The time is now for me to seize the opportunity.



Therefore, I am hereby announcing that I will be competing  in Iron Week this November.  Iron Week will consist of seven 60-minute matches taking place over 7 consecutive days.  I did this once before in 2009 for six days and this year I would like to beat my own record.   It’s a week-long, 8-man tournament with one man taking on the other seven.



In 2009,  we had the week-long event in Moosup, CT. This week, I will be traveling to different wrestling rings around the country.  Since I am operating on a limited budget (more on that later) and can not run 7 consecutive wrestling events, I will be wrestling most of my opponents in closed rings at wrestling schools.  The event will be timed, witnessed by several, and available online and possibly on DVD.  We are hoping to create a reality-show type situation around this event.



My goal is to have the final and record-breaking event in my hometown in front of a live crowd. I will be accepting donations to help offset my expenses (gas, minimal production, motel, paying my opponents) at The last event in my hometown will also act as a fundraiser for Autism Speaks.  For anyone that knows me, this condition is something that is close to my heart and I’m hoping to raise awareness of this cause.



Several wrestlers have been contacted and the first competitor will be released next Tuesday, Sept. 19.  I am taking serious submissions as 1 or 2 positions are still in question.



The rules will be similar to 2009:  Very little locker-room interaction between opponents.  There will be a 30-second rest period between falls.  The last 10 minutes of every match will be a “sprint” with no rest periods.



I’m a lucky man. I get to work for a large national company, I have a wonderful wife and 2 adorable children.  I have a great group of friends, family, and fans that wish the best for me.



I’m 40 years old and I want to make history.  And why not me?  Why not Bob?






Robert Paul Evans, Jr. a/k/a“Brutal” Bob Evans

Twitter: @brutalbobevans



1) Most falls in 60 minutes wins. NO OVERTIME PERIOD. If the falls are even, the match is declared a draw.

2) If you are disqualfied, your opponent is awarded one fall. If you are disqualified again, your opponent is awarded one fall AND one fall is deducted from your total.

3) One corner man (or woman) is allowed each night for each contestant. Interference by cornerment will result in a disqualification and immediate ejection.

4) Water and sports drinks (ex. Gatorade, Powerade, etc) are allowed. No caffienated energy drinks of any kind are allowed at ringside.

5) 30 second rest period between falls, continuous 60-minute clock.

6) No foreign objects.

7) One referee in the ring, one referee on standby. If a referee is knocked down and can’t continue, the clock will stop until a replacement referee is positioned.

8) All referee’s decisions are final.

9) Referee can decide if a competitor cannot continue in a hold or cannot break a hold and award his opponent a fall. The same applies to elbows and knees if an opponent is trapped and being attacked with knee or elbow strikes, the referee can stop the action and award a fall at his/her discretion.


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