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Velvet Sky on working with Lawler on Friday

Velvet Sky posted the following after Jerry Lawler’s health scare:

Just did Piper’s Pit with Jerry Lawler in Aruba on Friday and he seemed to be in great health so I know he will pull through this

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  1. EastportCoach44 says:

    I’m sure that one look at your “puppies” Velvet will bring him out of anything. I know it certainly woul me. God bless King. Get well soon. We can’t handle Cole being all by himself.

  2. Calhoun says:

    Dude Cole is just doing his job. Go back to the nwa fanfest if you are gonna be all kayfabe.

  3. Really? says:

    Unfortunately, Cole’s job is to be a terrible commentator. Or so it would seem. I have always loved heel commentators, from Jesse Ventura to Bobby Heenan to Jerry Lawler before he turned. The problem with Cole isn’t that he’s “doing his job” of being a heel. It’s that he sucks and is boring.

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