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Corporate media covers the Jerry Lawler story

Several mainstream media outlets covered the Lawler story from yesterday’s RAW as the incident blew up on Twitter and other social media sites. Yahoo! Sports, Los Angeles Times, CNN, ABC News, CBS News, TMZ, The Examiner, Huffington Post, New York Post, Fox News, The Daily Mail and The Sun in the UK and others all carried articles on their front page regarding the incident. The story on CNN.COM was the most read article on the website at one point, even more popular than 9/11-related stories during the morning. The #PrayForLawler and #PrayForJerry hashtags were constantly trending worldwide on Twitter during the night and even this morning.

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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  1. antonio feliciano says:

    Praying for Jerry and family

  2. Motorhead says:

    very surreal to see jerry lawler news on the cable news tickers. This is one of the most bizarre mainstream wrestling stories in a very long time. Who would have ever thought this would happen to of all people jerry lawler? Very surreal.

  3. steve jones says:

    get will soon Jerry

  4. Good ol King says:


    Could happen to anybody.

    A heart attack can be so random. There was a few stories from a little while ago in my local newspaper about kids having heart attacks during sports. Just so quick. So sudden.

    Its scary to think life is so fragile.

  5. lee says:

    the world goes on. 11 yrs after ppl should be consired of whats going on in front of them instead of what happend more than a decade ago!

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