TNA No Surrender Preview and Predictions

Sep 9, 2012 - by Michael Riba

Tonight, TNA will present us with their annual pay-per-view, No Surrender. The card for the show had no “official” matches announced for it as of nine days ago, and it was eventually finalized this past Thursday night when seemingly the entire card was announced at once. However, for such a late card announcement, there are some quality matches on the card. Will it deliver? Who knows, but we’ll find out tonight. Without any further delay, here are my official predictions for the show:

TNA X Division Championship Match: Zema Ion (c) vs. Sonjay Dutt
When was the last time either of these two were even featured on Impact Wrestling? I honestly can’t remember. Someone help me out with that question. Anyway, as this is an X Division Match, and both of these guys are quality workers for the company, I expect this to be a pretty decent opener. The crowd will get into the match, maybe, as Dutt gets a few near falls and such, but in the end, I do not see Ion losing the title. In fact, I believe Ion will keep the title until Jesse Sorensen is healthy enough to come back and challenge for it sometime next year.
Prediction: Zema Ion retains the TNA X Division Championship.

TNA Women’s Knockout Championship Match: Miss Tessmacher (c) vs. Tara
Tara received a match against Tessmacher a few weeks ago on Impact Wrestling, and won, which automatically put her in line for a shot at the title. That’s how this match came to be. The story behind it is the old “Teacher vs. Student” story. That’s about it, really. I don’t see Tessmacher losing the title tonight, but she may lose it sometime soon after.
Prediction: Miss Tessmacher retains the TNA Women’s Knockout Championship.

Bound for Glory Series Semifinal Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe
These two had their final Bound for Glory Series Match, against each other, this past Thursday on Impact Wrestling, which Jeff Hardy won to move into the Top 4. Samoa Joe finished second in the Series with 68 points, while Hardy finished fourth with 59 points. I believe this will be the better of the two Bound for Glory Series Semifinal matches, and in the end, I think we will see the same result as we did on Thursday.
Prediction: Jeff Hardy picks up the victory.

Bound for Glory Series Semifinal Match: Bully Ray vs. James Storm
James Storm won the first match in the Bound for Glory Series and earned 20 points. He didn’t look back from there and led the entire way through and ended up with 73 points. It took a while for Bully Ray to get going, but when he did he worked his way all the way from near the bottom to finish in third place with 62 points. I expect this to definitely be more of a brawl than a wrestling match, but it will still be good. After all is said and done, James Storm will get the win and move into the finals.
Prediction: James Storm picks up the victory.

Magnus vs. Rob Van Dam
I’ve read numerous reports than Magnus is seen as a future star for the organization and it seems as they have decided to begin to pull the trigger on his push. He has had a couple of run-ins with Samoa Joe recently, and one this past Thursday with RVD after RVD was eliminated from the Bound for Glory Series by Bully Ray. They brawled backstage, which led to their match tonight. Magnus’ push will continue, no doubt about it.
Prediction: Magnus picks up the victory.

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match: Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs. A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle
Maybe this will finally be the culmination of the feud between Styles and the World Tag Team Champions of the World. Don’t get me wrong, I like all three of them, but this feud was flat long, long ago. Claire Lynch did nothing to help it; she only made it worse. And now there’s a question as to whether nor not Angle will be able to compete tonight after injuring his hamstring as a house show earlier in the weekend. However, if Angle can’t go, I believe Styles will get to choose a new partner, or choose to go it alone. Either way, he’s winning.
Prediction: A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle win the TNA World Tag Team Championship.

“Armbreaker” vs. Austin Aries
I don’t really know what to think about this match. Aries wanted this match after being attacked by the Aces and Eights for two weeks in a row, and retaliated by kidnapping one of the members and returning him in exchange for a fight against the “Armbreaker” of the group. Obviously, we will see interference from both the Aces and Eights group and the TNA roster that have been fighting them for the entire storyline. For that reason, I see this match not having a clear winner.
Prediction: The match ends in a No Contest or Double Disqualification.

Bound for Glory Series Match: TBD vs. TBD
If we go by my predictions, this match will be James Storm vs. Jeff Hardy. However, as we know, it could be any combination of the four participants. We could, in fact, see Hardy vs. Storm. Or, we could see Hardy vs. Ray, Joe vs. Storm, or Joe vs. Ray. I do believe that my prediction is the most likely scenario, though. But, since we do not know the actual participants, and I do not like making predictions on matches where the participants are not announced, I will not be making a prediction for this match.

Well, those are my official predictions for the show tonight. You can leave your own feedback and predictions in the comment section below or let me and the site know them on Twitter (@TheMichael Riba and @gerweck). As always, you can follow live coverage here on tonight.

Thanks for reading.

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