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Impact Rating drops below a 1.0

Last night’s episode of Impact did a 0.96 rating with 1.22 million viewers.

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  1. Phil says:

    it was a bad episode

  2. JohnBash101 says:

    most likely due to the crappy VMA’S

  3. Joe says:

    VMA’s and no one cares about Ace’s and 8’s as much as they hoped. Lets see TNA come up a major storyline that isn’t about some large faction taking over. Ex: Ace’s and 8’s, The Band, World Elite, Fortune, Main Event Mafia, every incarnation of Immortal, all occurring within 3 years of each other. To name a few others throughout the years: Planet Jarrett, The Christian Coalition, S.E.X, Kings of Wrestling, The Angle Alliance, and The Disciples of the New Church.

  4. Will Henderson says:

    VMAs, the last night of the DNC, and Thursday night college football equals less rating for TNA, TNA kinda figured they would lose views due to the VMAs and Obama speaking at the DNC anyway, so it was a not a good episode to compete with that, so they half assed this week. it was ok to me, but sort of nothing to write home about.

  5. Fisha695 says:

    Still not bad for going up against the VMAs and the DNC Speeches.

  6. Bob Barker says:

    I thought it was a great episode and that impact has been pretty consistenly good. I find it weird that the ratings doesn’t reflect this opinion.

  7. Zomas says:

    When are people going to stop making excuses and finally realize the truth. while the IWC may not like his brand of wrestling, Vince Russo’s booking was the bread and butter of their ratings.

    Impact has always been just short of having 2million weekly viewers. TNA now teeters around 1.2 to 1.4 million people and sometimes even less than that. For a young company that has never made a 2.0 rating and never exceeded 2 million viewers, the loss of 2 hundred thousand to nearly 6 hundred thousand people is a MAJOR loss. In some cases, almost half their viewers has left in just a in a matter of 7 months.

    TNA is a young company that has always struggled to get the attention of the masses. If Vince Russo sucked etc then the same standard should be used on Bruce Prichard, Dave Lagana and Eric Bischoff. These guys can’t draw a dime.

    The same goes for the IWC. The style of wrestling they love simply doesnt draw a rating.

  8. @toddSmiller says:

    Thursday is big TV night for every station so it’s going to drop from time to time. Thursday you had the VMAs, the DNC and college football going on during impact. Football and the new fall shows will get in the way all season

  9. 5 says:

    cuz its that horrid

  10. The Legend Killer says:

    Samoa Joe vs Jeff Hardy, RVD vs Bully Ray & Kaz/Daniels vs Chavo/Hernandez were good matches…

  11. Snow says:

    All that other stuff was going on however, the DNC really? Only brainwashed hacks would watch that crap.

  12. Steveoreno says:

    THe show has been pretty good lately but I missed this last week cause i had a ton of work. The show did sound a bit weaker but also had stiff competition. Honestly, the Aces and 8’s stuff is being booked badly and they either need to kill it or go somewhere soon.

  13. Fisha695 says:

    While they may have been good matches they weren’t advertised before hand so people didn’t know to tune in to see those matches.

  14. Ian says:

    People dont know what they’re missing…TNA has been really good lately.

  15. Science & Violence says:

    Are some of you really that mindless? Throwing around “horrid”,”awful”, and etc. Either you’re not watching and just trolling for Vince’s sake or that little pinto bean you call a brain has really rotted beyond repair.

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