9/6 TNA house show results from Dalton, GA

Sep 7, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Credit: Cody Cosgrove & PW Torch

Before the show started, Miss Tessmacher and Mr. Anderson signed autographs. The show started at 7:30 p.m. Aces & Eights came over the speakers and said that they will be here tonight.

(1) X Division champion Zema Ion beat Sonjay Dutt to retain the X Division Title. I was really excited to see Sonjay and just excited about this match all together because I’m a big X Division fan (I even got two X Division DVDs in my brown bad special, so I was happy). The match was very good, Zema did his normal hairspray thing to start, and then there was some great action. In the middle of the match, there was a little comedy bit with Sonjay and Zema running back and forth between the turnbuckles with Zema jumping over him each time. Zema tried to walk out of the match near the end, but Sonjay brought him back. The ref was distracted trying to give Zema’s belt to some guy and Zema grabbed the hairspray can and sprayed it in Dutt’s face, then used a roll-up pin to get the win

(2) Garett Bischoff beat Doug Williams. Williams came out and did a promo about how we had no class and he was going to give us a little with the singing of “God Bless The Queen.” A little way through, Bischoff came out and started the match. The match was very slow and boring, and it didn’t help that it was after the X Division match. The best part of the match was when a kid behind me called an atomic drop “a GTS to his butt.” Garett hit is finisher for the win.

(3) Knockouts champion Miss Tessmacher beat Mickie James to retain the Knockouts Title. Throughout the match, Mickie got a bigger pop than Tess even though it looked like she was trying to play heel during this match. Very good Knockouts match, with lots of back and forth action. Tess hit her finisher for the win. After this match, Mickie went to sign autographs during a long intermission

(4) Eric Young beat Crimson. I wasn’t expecting to see Crimson, so it was nice to see him. I’m a huge EY fan, so I loved seeing him. He came out to AC/DC’s “TNT,” which I’m not sure if it’s something new or not. EY did his normal EY stuff for a long time before Crimson finally ran out of the ring and started the match. Crimson looked decent, but the main botch I noticed was when EY was coming off the top rope and Crimson was supposed to catch him. Crimson dominated most of the match, but once EY took his pants off, he came back and won the match with an elbow drop.

(5) Kurt Angle beat Mr. Anderson in the main event. When I read on the Torch that Kurt was going to be here tonight, I got really excited. Mr. Anderson came out first and played with the crowd a little bit before Kurt came out and started the match. This match was actually the shortest one of the night, which seemed odd. Angle ended it with an Angle Slam.

After the match, a member of Aces & Eights came out and security stopped him at the gate. Angle said if he wanted his ass kicked, let him get it kicked and they let him in the ring. They fought for a little bit until another member came in the ring and jumped Kurt. Anderson came in after that and took care of that guy. The two guys ran out of the ring and Anderson called them pussies. During this, I saw Angle talking to someone outside the ring, then some people came down the ramp and helped Kurt out of the ring. He was helped up the ramp by two people, and it looked like he was favoring a leg.

After this match, Anderson stayed in the ring to take pictures with the fans. This was my first-ever TNA live event and I had a good time. There wasn’t a huge crowd, but I live in a small town, so I didn’t expect much, but most of the ringside seats were sold out.
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