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Reason for Layla vs. Kaitlyn at Night of Champions

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter The reason Kaitlyn is facing Layla at Night of Champions is due to the fact that the ending of the Divas Battle Royal was botched on Raw. Eve Torres was originally booked vs. Layla for the Divas title on Night of Champions. Eve was eliminated by Kaitlyn when she was suppose to land on the apron over the top rope (and was booked to win a move or two later), but she landed on the floor making Kaitlyn the winner.

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  1. matt says:

    ruh-roh relroy! i guess kaitlyn put too much power behind her 2nd clothesline when the first one didnt even get eve over the top rope. a trip to night of champions swapped out with a ticket to the gun show.. :/

  2. Joe says:

    Hmmm that’s pretty cool. Couldn’t say I’m a big fan of any of these girls but it actually sounds better than the same old stuff. Bring Back the Booty Pop!

  3. Candidate for worst match of the year?

  4. lll says:

    Wow. I thought they practice these moves before going on the air. Kaitlyn did put a lot of power over the move. Layla will retain and it will return to Layla vs. Eve.

  5. tina fey says:

    Now I understand why Kaitlyn was so shocked when she won. She wasn’t supposed to win. Oops.

  6. Joey says:

    In all honesty, its kind of a breath of fresh air, not necessarily the fact that its a new competitor, but that WWE is going with the botch as if it was intentional and not booking a match between Kaitlyn and Eve to fix the mistake. The idea of keeping up with the realism and not staying true to the original idea keeps leaves an opening to keep things new. Then again, any other division and this wouldn’t be happening.

  7. Drew says:

    I do believe, Mr. Gerweck, this was the worst ending of the year.

    Hopefully Kaitlyn/Layla will only be a five minute match. Either way, Eve will most likely win the title back due to her Stars Earn Stripes victory.

  8. Doc Emmett Brown says:

    call it:”Fate”

  9. Edward says:

    This is a wrestling website for christs sake. Why all the constant hate for the Divas? The talent is there, don’t blame them just because WWE can’t book for sh@t.

  10. Del says:

    @Edward – The talent isn’t there because the WWE doesn’t care. Any TV is wasted on the Divas who both everything.

  11. Del says:

    ^ botch. Like I’d botched that post. ha!

  12. RS says:

    I agree with Joey. It’s a breath of fresh air. Plus, Kaitlyn is a much better wrestler than Eve, at least in my opinion. For once, a botch was a good thing.

  13. Josh Jarvis says:

    I’m going to quote Stevie Ray! “women shouldn’t be in wrestling!” That just give me a reason to use the bathroom, stock up refreshments, and get confrontable again! Can they plead get rid of the diva belt come back with the crusierweight title!

  14. Edward says:

    If womens wrestling isn’t your cup of tea, then fine. To each their own. But fans like me are alienated from WWE’s product because of crap like that. Layla, if given the chance, can wrestle her a$$ off, like a lot of other girls in the company. Get rid of the 30 minutes of recap and spend some time rebuilding the divas division. As far as botching goes, ha! Please, the men botch more the women do. They can’t help it if their movesets are restricted anyway.

  15. Honest Man says:

    No one is stupid enough to beleive this right?

    Do you really think they would have still booked a match on PPV from a botched ending. They could have just as easily replaced anyone of those diva matches with Kaitlyn vs Eve in a one one one match for the #1 contendership.

    Layla vs Kaitlyn is happening because they want it too and are booking Eve up to face the winner.

    Anyone who is too daft to understand this need to seriously go take some classes in common sense and then maybe it’s time **** sources like the WON go learn what actual journalism is.

  16. B-Rad says:

    It makes me sad when people say “women can’t wrestle”. There’s really not a difference between male or female wrestlers. In the WWE, however, most of the females are models. They don’t have the years of experience in the ring or in the industry like actual wrestlers do. They might not be the greatest ever, but they can all (aside from a couple) do pretty well when given a significant amount of time. Layla, Eve, and Kaitlyn have come a long way since they started. And Beth, Nattie, Naomi and AJ are already good. There’s just no real focus on most of them and a lot of times they get maybe a minute to have a match. No one is going to look good in that short amount of time.

    And anyways, I know I’d rather see a Mickie James/Trish Stratus match again over almost anything the men are doing in WWE wrestling-wise right now. That’s what can happen when the women are given a chance.

  17. The Straight Shooter says:

    If women can’t wrestle, then what do you call Shimmer? All those women can put on a better show then most of TNA and WWE’s stuff now days. The problem is that the WWE lost sight of the fact women can wrestle… Look at the 4 changes in the Women’s divsion in the WWE:

    Mae Young
    Wedi Richter
    Lilani Kai

    Alynda Blaze
    Bull Nakano
    Bertha Faye
    Japanese Bomb Angels

    Gail Kim
    Mickie James
    Nicole Bass
    Molly Holly

    The Bellas
    Alica Foxx
    Kelly Kelly

    You see they went from having woamen that can wrestle to women that are eye candy with limtyed wrestling ability (except for the few that can actually wrestle)

    WWE forgot that back in the “Attitude Era” the women’s matches were just as much of a draw as the lower-mid card guys/matches… remember Victoria vs Trish hardcore match for the Women’s title? Remember the Lita vs Trish feuds? Sable vs Jacqueline fued and who could forget how dominate Chyna was as Women’s champion? Hell even Lita vs Ivory at Survivor Series 2000, Lita was a busted and bloody mess, but still finished the match. Now, its a T&A contest and all about what they can do to bring in the much wanted..”Social Media expossure” I’m hoping signing Sara Del Rey Will help out the division, tho it might be a long shot..

  18. Thomas says:

    Jazz in a list involving “eye candy” makes me cringe

  19. Joshua says:

    What we all have to remember too is Vince’s “concept” of the show…hes moving away from wrestling and making it more entertainment…hence more focus on eye candy and not actual wrestling…but, as you can see….the the people…we want the wrestlers…we want the good looking athletic woman …we may not buy the shirts and merchandise…but we’ll buy the tickets and the PPVS :)

  20. KiLLewskitt says:

    Dudes who say “women can’t wrestle” are partly the reason eye candy is being thrown on TV. Vince thinks if “we” don’t care, then “why should he?”. Get away from such a primitive mentality, folks. How about using the net for research instead of porn. Google SHIMMER, SMASH (now defunct), REINA, OZ Academy, and WSU tubed vids over the net. Hopefully that will assist in educating you to help change your perception…

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