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Guess which WWE superstar shaved his head


Triple H
WWE Superstar …

Hunter Hearst Helmsley has done the unthinkable … HE CHOPPED OFF HIS FLOWING GOLDEN LOCKS!!!

TMZ obtained photos of a shorn Triple H posing for pics with fans outside Titan Tower in Connecticut earlier today … barely recognizable without his signature mane.

Triple H had rocked the long hair ever since he debuted in the WWE in 1995 … it’s unclear when he decided to hack it off.

But …. HHH has been contemplating hanging up his tights ever since he lost to Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam … and now the new ‘do could be a sign that he’s decided to leave the ring for good and commit to his corporate job with the WWE.

Still, we gotta ask …

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  1. lll says:

    He looks like he put his hair in a ponytail and cut off the ponytail. I’m still waiting for the ‘shaved head.’

  2. Science & Violence says:

    Robert Roode wanna be…you can’t cut the mustard Haitch.

  3. jim says:

    Professional. He is pullin
    n a roode

  4. Ronald B says:

    Part of another storyline?

  5. AJ Starr says:

    Bout time.

    He should have done that right after DX started.

  6. Ian says:

    Buzzed yes, shaved no…looks more professional for sure.

  7. Kerry says:

    Goodbye Triple H…

    Hello Paul Levesque.

  8. rebel says:

    So if this is a shave, what’s the word you’re supposed to use when there’s no hair left?

  9. Kid Vicious says:

    now for Shawn to follow suit. there may have been a moment in 1989 when it looked good, but with the thinning locks, dodgy eye, wiry frame and penchant for fishing; he’s starting to look like an extra for Deliverance.

  10. JJman says:

    If he shaves the beard too he’d look like the ultimate warrior

  11. GTS= go to sleep, sleepy head! says:

    Now he looks like a corporate executive. My fondest HHH memory was the in your house 1995 vs. Henry Godwinn w/ Hillbilly Jim as guest referee, just remembering when H won the match, Godwinn chases the blue blood down slams him into the pigpen or his stupidest moment when he was jumping around in an inflatable playground with Eugene

  12. Lolzilla says:

    Wow. Triple H with short hair.

    Im getting old.

  13. Matthew says:


  14. Geoff says:

    Shaved his head, did he? Well clearly as can be seen in the photo.

  15. Daniel says:

    Damn he really does look like Roode.

  16. vicodin123 says:


  17. cold says:

    asked his barber for “the vince”

  18. Dick Hertz says:

    The girl looks THRILLED to be there. Trips looks like he just got done polishing Vince’s desk. Maybe even gave him a back rub…a high colonic, who knows…

    The Million $ Man was right back in the day:


  19. james says:

    It’s time anyways he’s in his 40’s and he needs to look like a pro in the office and if he shaved the beard he could be another vince.

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