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AW continues his Twitter ranting

AW via Twitter:

So a dancer in the WWE gets a DUI and is suspended by the WWE for only 15 days while @BJRatedR gets fired for speaking his mind, etc. #BS

AW gets fired for dated joke, Cameron gets 15 days for drink driving and attempted bribery. #loljustice

As I said before @WWE allows you to disgrace other countries flag, have DUI’s, smoke marijuana, and do steroids but you can’t speak ur mind!

To those who don’t know I was fired for tweeting “Support Linda” I also tweeted “VoteOrDie4Linda” Vince didn’t get it

Linda Mac’s campaign is pretty important. Vince has spent alot of your money on his wife. The @WWE superstars aren’t getting the $, ask JTG!

JTG blasted their ass on twitter and they went on damage control quick! @WWE has something to hide….

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11 Responses

  1. Devils Best Friend says:

    Does anybody really care about AW and his rants?!

  2. Ahmad says:

    If I was WWE, I’d bring him back and flip this into a crazy good storyline just like with Punks “Pipe-Bomb” last year, or something i don’t know hahah

  3. Fisha695 says:

    Can we have one of those polls on the side of the site to see if you guys should continue to waste bandwidth on the rants of this never-was? l0l

  4. Vixen says:

    Omg who cares AW get over it all ready your fired for a joke next time think befor you act. Also he old news why do we still care about him. Lol

  5. Big Andy says:

    “AW gets fired for dated joke”

    *Moments later*

    “To those who don’t know I was fired for tweeting “Support Linda” I also tweeted “VoteOrDie4Linda””


  6. axel says:

    All who commented here before me saying old news, don’t care, YOU CARE! Why else would you open the topic and comment otherwise? Next time let it rot and don’t touch it to speak your mind, then you can say don’t care about AW.

  7. bud316 says:

    Why would they complain? they were given a contract and had plenty of time to review it before signing it, why bitch now about your money? The joke you told was tasteless and your act is stale. Welcome to the real world.


  8. Mr. Kimura says:

    If WWE were smart, they would have had this a storyline from the beginning. Have him “fired” going on twitter rants for a month or 2, come back at Night of Champions only to help his boys win the Tag Titles. WWE loves being in the social media light, this would be a great move…but we all know the WWE writers are not that bright.

  9. antonio feliciano says:

    Aw. Was a ass then and ass now stop crying

  10. ManWhale says:

    You know why they brought her back in 15 days? because the cops don’t have the same money for a good attorney as kobe. worst case scenario is cameron takes the fall on her own and no judgment is reflected on the wwe for a personal decision outside of their control. Come on, AW. We know you know how the law works.

  11. Doc Emmett Brown says:

    @MrKimura… yeah that could be a great storyline IF really cares about this guy,BUT the reality is…that NO ONE cares about this clown.

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