8/31 TNA house show results from Richmond, VA

Sep 1, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Credit: Andrew Blum & ProWrestling.net

1. A battle royal for a TNA Title shot was ruled a no-contest. The order of elimination: Zema Ion, Sonjay Dutt, Magnus, Kurt Angle, James Storm, and Kazarian. Roode and Kaz attacked A.J. Styles when it was down to Styles and Chris Daniels. Kurt Angle and Austin Aries saved Styles to end the match in a no-contest. A six-man tag match was made for later, replacing the TNA Title match.

2. Mickie James beat Gail Kim. Mickie scored the pinfall on her birthday after hitting a huge impaler DDT.

Guest referee Earl Hebner came out and pulled off his referee shirt to reveal a ‘Damn Right I Did!’ shirt. He proceeded to strut around the ring while sporting Bret Hart shades.

3. Zema Ion defeated Sonjay Dutt to retain the X Division Title. Lots of good near falls. Zema tried to leave with the title but was pulled back in by Sonjay. While Hebner handed the belt to the ring announcer, Zema used the hairspray and scored the rollup pinfall.

Jeff Hardy came out to cut a promo. One member of Aces and 8s tried to run in from the crowd but was stopped by security. Hardy demanded that he be let go. This led to an impromptu match.

4. Jeff Hardy got the better of an Aces & 8s member. Hardy hit two Twists of Fate to send the Aces and 8s member running.


Magnus came out and cut a promo before his match to get some cheap heat before his match against James Storm. Storm cut a pro-Richmond babyface promo before the match started.

5. James Storm defeated Magnus. Storm did a great job interacting with the crowd as he brawled with Magnus at ringside. Storm eventually got the pinfall after hitting a superkick in a great back-and-forth matchup.

6. Austin Aries, Kurt Angle, and A.J. Styles defeated Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, and Bobby Roode in a six-man tag match. The heels got lots of cheap offense while Brian Hebner was distracted. AJ was on the receiving end of all of it. He eventually made the hot tag to Aries, who came in and cleaned house on the heels. Aries scored the pin on Daniels after hitting the Brainbuster.

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