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Poll results: Should Freddie Blassie be inducted into the GERWECK.NET hall of fame?

Should Freddie Blassie be inducted into the GERWECK.NET hall of fame?

Yes (88%, 2,025 Votes)
No (12%, 277 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,302

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The GERWECK.NET Hall of Fame is intended to include the elite members of the wrestling community that deserve to be inducted into a prestigious hall of fame without prejudice or politics. Areas of consideration for induction should include (but not be limited to) a wrestler’s drawing power, wrestling ability, impact or influences on the business, longevity, and passion/drive for the industry. Non-in ring performers (such as promoters, announcers, referees, etc.) should also be judged by a similar criterion, based on the highest standards for their areas. Remember, this is not a popularity contest. This hall of fame will only include the best of the best. Readers should e-mail with names of candidates worthy of consideration. The name with the highest number of suggestions will be considered for voting the following month. Thus, twelve names will be considered per year, and the number of inductees for the year is totally up to the GERWECK.NET readers. If a subject doesn’t qualify for induction, he or she will remain off the consideration list for twelve months. If a subject receives 70% or higher, he or she will be inducted.

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8 Responses

  1. NCW Promoter says:

    What IDIOT Would Say One Of The Greatest Talkers Managers In The Great Sprot Of Professional Wrestling As Well As A Very Big Draw As A Rulebreaker As A Wrestler Would Not Think He Should Be In Any Hall Of Fame He Was a HUGE Draw In Japan With Rikki Dozan And Facing Two Time Former W.W.W.F. World Bruno Sammartino Who Belongs In ANY Hall As Well As Facing The Golden Greek John Tolos For Many Sell Outs And Managing And Being The Most Hated Manager With Such People As One Of The Greatest Tag Teams Of All Time Former 3 Time W.W.W.F. Tag Team Champions Mr. Fuji And Prof Tanaka, Spiros Arion, High Chief Peter Maivia, Victor Rivera,
    Fromer WWF World Champion Hall Of Famer The Iron Shiek And Many More Including A Very Close Relative Of Mine He Deserves In ANY Hall Of Fame In The Sport Of Professional Wrestling Are You Kidding And He Was On TV And Movies And Sold Records In Music Also And Regis Philbin’s Friend As Well PLEASE A For Sure Hall Of Famer

  2. NCW Promoter says:

    He Once Told My Dad He Would Yell At His Own Mother To Make It Work And He Did A Great Professional Wrestler And Manager And A Great Man I Bet Miako Misses Him The Hollywood Fashion Plate Classie Freddie Blassie I Miss Him And I Know My Father Does He Was Very Close To My Dad You Pencil Neck Geek

    He Also Was The King Of The Rose Parad Only Because He Died Regis Appeared More Than Fred And He Once Broke Regis’s Finger Watch On You Tube Ver Missed If I Have Not Said Even Vince Cried For A Very Fast Second When We Lost Him

  3. Big Andy says:


    He’s a legend.

  4. Bumbolee says:

    I’m 100% convinced that people vote the opposite on polls just to be an idiot. 277 people should have their IP’s blocked from this site.

  5. xyu says:

    12% of people are not fans of wrestling.

  6. Meh says:

    Thing is here on Gerweck you can vote once every 24 hours so I doubt there are 277 people going no.

  7. Drew says:

    Freddie would hit all of those 277 pencil-necked-geeks with his cane.

  8. The Wordman says:

    Unfortunately, it seems like there are a number of ‘fans’ who seem to believe that pro wrestling began sometime around 1998. Why else would there be ANYONE who would cast a ‘no’ vote for a legend like Freddie Blassie?

    To prove the point, take a look at the current Gerweck HOF poll: Ten embarrassments to wrestling fans everywhere have already voted ‘no’ to Dory Funk Jr. Seriously? Seriously?!

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