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More on the TNA championship title belt being swiped


TNA — $6,000 Championship Belt JACKED from Under Stagehand’s Nose

TNA’s heavyweight championship belt — valued at roughly $6,000 — was stolen earlier this month from right under a stagehand’s nose … but thankfully, the suspected thieves have been caught … with the help of TECHNOLOGY.

TNA sources tell TMZ, the alleged belt-snatching took place on August 18th in Ottumwa, Iowa before a non-televised event while a stagehand was unloading props from his truck.

We’re told the stagehand turned away for a split second, and one of the suspects grabbed the $6,000 belt — along with a $400 replica — and took off.

The two suspects were later identified by police using surveillance footage.

33-year-old Joel Luke and 39-year-old Forrest Jamison were arrested Wednesday before posting bail and being released. Luke was charged with 2nd-degree theft and Jamison was charged with accessory.

The belts have since been returned to TNA — and somehow, the stagehand still has his job.

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  1. NCW Promoter says:

    Everyone is Fire Happy The WCW Tag Team Belt Was Left On A Table After A Show And I Think It Was Never Found If I Remember And The W.W.W.F. Tag Team Belts Along With Tapes Were Left In Area’s By Mistake Remember Tony Garea And Larry Zbyszko’s Win Of The World Tag Team Belts Only One Belt Along With At Times The TV Tapes Being Left In Allentown When They Needed To Be In Hamburg Pa The Next Day I Know My Dad Worked For Sr. And He Said One Of The Ref’s Left Them By Accident It Happens It Should Not But It Can With Bookers And Everyone Else Yelling And Demanding

  2. mike derucki says:

    I like how tmz had to add that the stagehand gets to keep his job. Hey how about the champion actually carries his own belt?

  3. Boogeyman says:

    Should Aries carry his belt?

  4. gnich62 says:

    NCW – You should stop capitalizing every word in a sentence. It’s annoying as BALLS.

  5. squirrbells says:

    Someone stole NCW’s periods.

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