8/29 OVW TV Report

Aug 30, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

by Trent Vandrisse

Here’s the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television report for episode#680, that was taped on August 29th, 2012, with an air date of September 1st in Louisville. This episode is already available online at www.ovwrestling.com

This was the “go home” show for the September 1st OVW Saturday Night Special that will feature “Smooth” Johnny Spade defending the OVW Heavyweight title against Jamin Olivencia in a 30 minute Ironman match, and a 30 man “Nightmare Rumble” to determine the new #1 contender to the OVW title, with the winner of the rumble getting their title shot at the October SNS. This show also marks the 10th anniversary of the Davis Arena at its current location.

I missed last weeks report due to having family in town visiting, but Jimmie Daniel did one for last week that you can check out here. I’ll wait.

Nick Dinsmore was the guest on last weeks Colt Cabana’s “Art of Wrestling” podcast at this link.

Ron Hed and Gilbert Corsey were the TV announcers for this episode. Terry Boddie was the ring announcer.

This episode opened with the Director of Wrestling Operations for OVW, Trailer Park Trash, along with his assistant Josette Bynum, addressing the entire roster backstage. TPT said Alex Silva won the coveted #30 spot in the upcoming “Nightmare Rumble” last week, but that other prime spots, namely #’s 26 thru 29, were still available, and would be filled tonight in a series of 4 Fatal Four way matches on this show, and that these matches would be determined by a lottery drawing. TPT said the losers of those 4 matches would meet in yet another four way, and the loser of that would get the unlucky #1 spot in the Nightmare Rumble.

OVW champion Johnny Spade came to the ring boldly claiming to be the best at everything, and he’s a babyface! Jamin Olivencia then came to the ring, also claiming to be the best, and he too is a face here. Spade proposed as a lead in to their 30 minute Ironman title match this Saturday, that tonight he and Olivencia do a “pick your poison/beat the clock” dealio where they pick each others opponent for the tonight, and who ever wins the quickest, is the best. Huh??? Not sure what that proves exactly, but whatever…

Trailer Park Trash was backstage putting his crestfallen assistant, Josette Bynum, to work. Bynum meanwhile shook up TPT’s soda, but he didn’t fall for it, and opened it so it sprayed on her, and then still put her to work.

1. Jessie Godderz beat Rudy Switchblade, James “Moose” Thomas & Joe Coleman w/Prince Bolin in a Fatal Four way match to win the #26 slot in the Nightmare Rumble

Godderz & Switchblade are the current OVW tag champs here, known as the “Best Team Ever”. Moose was the only babyface in this match, but there proved to be no honor among thieves, or tag team partners here, as Godderz rolled up Switchblade and pinned him after Moose had softened him up. So Switchblade now moves to the losers bracket.

The Mobile Homers with Brittany DeVore were backstage drinking “rocket fuel” also known as moonshine. They decided whoever could stand up right now would be the man to represent the team in a Fatal four way match tonight, and Ted McNaler “won” the honor, though he too fell over drunk soon as he stood up.

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage…Jamin Olivencia was on his cellphone calling in a favor for tonight. Olivencia promised the mystery man on the other end of the line that he’d be first in line for a title shot when he Olivencia wins the OVW title.

2. Michael Hayes beat Ted McNaler and Randy Royal in a Fatal four way match to win the #27 slot in the Nightmare Rumble

Cliff Compton was supposed to be the 4th guy in this match, but instead he was backstage arguing with Chris Silvio and Mo Green, who he’s had a long feud with here. Compton finally said “screw it I’m going home” and left. Ted McNaler was so drunk here he passed out in the corner, so most of this match was Royal vs Hayes. Everyone in this match was a babyface. McNaler later made a drunken fired up comeback, which knocked Hayes’ fake leg off, but Hayes hit McNaler with a code breaker to win it. So McNaler moves to the losers bracket. What can I say, OVW is a wacky place kids.

Crimson was backstage gassing up the “Wildcards”(Shiloh Jonze & Raul Lamotta), agreeing with them that they’re being screwed over by OVW, that they’re not in a Fatal four way tonight, and that Rob Terry has been talking smack about them. Crimson suggested that Jonze & Lamotta should make a statement to Mr. Terry here tonight. I’m digging Crimson in his role here as a shrewd troublemaker with a self serving agenda.

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage…Johnny Spade revealed his pick to take on Jamin Olivencia tonight, Alex Silva. Silva said fine, but that he’s coming for Spade’s OVW title himself soon.

3. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green & Mary Jane beat Rob Terry, Dylan Bostic & Tony Gunn to win the #28 slot in the Nightmare Rumble

Everyone focused their attack totally on the Welch colossus Rob Terry, with limited success. Terry came back on them all late in the match, but The Wildcards held his legs down on a suplex attempt on Chris Silvio, which allowed Silvio to pin Terry. Terry never saw who cost him this match, just like he didn’t see last week when Crimson caused Terry to be eliminated from a mini Rumble to determine the #30 slot. Rob Terry now moves to the losers bracket.

Taeler Hendrix got into an argument with Heidi Lovelace backstage, resulting in Lovelace getting a shot at Hendrix’ OVW Women’s title this Saturday.

4. Crimson beat Ryan Howe, Jason Wayne & Rocco Bellagio w/Prince Bolin to win the #29 slot in the Nightmare Rumble

Crimson at first let everyone else duke it out here, and then faked a knee injury to sit outside the ring and watch the action. Jason Wayne & Rocco Bellagio are both members of Bolin Services 2.0, but as they argued over who would get to pin Ryan Howe after they both had beat him down, Crimson swooped back into the ring and pinned Howe himself. So Ryan Howe, who is the TV champion here, moves to the losers bracket, and the top slots are now all filled.

Crimson continued to cause trouble backstage as he met with everyone in the losers bracket, except Rob Terry, and he buried Terry to them all.

5. Rudy Switchblade beat Rob Terry, Ryan Howe, and Ted McNaler by DQ in the Fatal Four way losers bracket match

An angry Rob Terry was right on the attack with everyone here. Crimson came out to the floor, took the ring bell hammer, and hit Rudy Switchblade with it. Referee Chris Sharpe then caught Rob Terry with the hammer, and disqualified him, which means Terry now has the dreaded #1 slot in the Nightmare Rumble this Saturday, all caused by the manipulations of Crimson. Crimson looked very pleased with his handiwork on the floor after this match, while Terry destroyed everyone in the ring.

6. Jamin Olivencia beat Alex Silva in a “beat the clock” challenge in 3:45

Johnny Spade was on the floor during this one. Fast paced match between Olivencia and Silva, and Olivencia won it with his “Standing O” clamping DDT finisher, catching Silva with it as Silva was charging in attempting his “Silva Surfer” running knee finisher. Silva losing so quickly here, plus him having the #30 slot in the Nightmare Rumble, makes me think there’s a very strong chance of him winning the rumble this Saturday.

7. Jack Black w/Prince Bolin beat “Smooth” Johnny Spade in a “beat the clock” challenge

Jack Black was the mystery man Jamin Olivencia picked to face Spade here. Black has lost a tremendous amount of weight, and his moving light years better than he used to in the ring. All Black in this one, until Spade hit a superkick and appeared to have it won, but Olivencia pulled the ref out of the ring, and remember Olivencia is still a babyface here. Big time heelish move for a face there. Black then hit a sidewalk slam and pinned Spade, which made Olivencia the automatic winner in their beat the clock dealio. This booking all but guarantees that Spade will once again retain the title against Olivencia this Saturday, in what appears to be the blow off match in that program.

Well, this show was really just tired and been done to death lazy booking of having a battle royal to determine a #1 contender, but they put a ton of lipstick on that ratty old pig here, and it turned out to be an entertaining, albeit very wacky show, which is saying something given as much as I hate battle royals. Lots of matches and action on the show, but not much in the line of good wrestling, though nothing was bad either. Rob Terry, Crimson and Alex Silva appear to be the heavy favorites, and really only logical picks, to win the Nightmare Rumble. Michael Hayes is also one to keep an eye on it in, but he only wins the real big ones when it has something to do with the math of when something happened to him involving his leg in the past, and he’s never won any title gold in OVW yet. Send any feedback to tvd65@hotmail.com

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