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Ric Flair to divorce again

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Ric Flair is getting divorced from his fourth wife, Jacqueline Beems.

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  1. mikey says:

    Lol these chicks bled him dry her alimony payments will be in the form of food stamps

  2. Snow says:

    This is why marriage is currently a joke. The woman gets everything after the divorce and there is nothing the man can do about it. Women are leeches on society.

  3. Captain Ass says:

    You’d think he would learn from his first marriages not to take the plunge again. Hopefully this time around he learns, but I doubt it.

  4. bah says:

    Hurray! Hurray for the lawyers! Hurray!

  5. Kid Vicious says:

    oh boy!
    they’ll be wheeling him down to the ring when he’s 80 at this rate.

  6. Saint Savage says:

    Sucka born every day!

  7. havok says:

    depending on the prenup and if there was any unfaithfulness that determines the outcome of a divorce…..@Snow just because you cant keep a girl doesnt mean theyre leeches on society, just means you suck as a man

  8. Eric Thomas says:

    Mister Flair is a person who chose to be a loser. He squandered every cent he ever earned, owes considerable sums to the government for unpaid taxes and is in debt to many promoters and other saps who “invested” in him. The man is a chronic deadbeat.

    What a shame. A man in his late 50’s who rose to the top of his game now looks like crap physically, still cuts himself open and jobs to kids who, years ago, never could have shined his boots.

    An example not to be followed.

  9. Kerry says:

    I thought they’d already divorced & that Ric was on wife number five.

  10. Mike Rophone says:

    Snow sounds like a lifetime bachelor with nothing to offer a woman except disappointment.

  11. Captain Ass says:

    @Eric Thomas – Ric is actually in his 60’s (63) and you are right, for all the respect he has as a wrestler, he has far less respect for being a good human being. He’s a party freak, a drunk, and clearly not a good husband to any women. Ric should have hung up the boots and tights years ago. At this point, his career for the past several years has turned into an embarrassment, at least in my eyes. He would be a great manager or good will ambassador for any company, but stay the heck out of the ring already. WAY past your prime, Ric!

  12. Snow says:

    I’ve dated a few girls, but they all, like most women were tramps. Things were getting serious in the relationship, and then I caught them cheating on me. As I said, women are leeches and tramps.

  13. Boogeyman says:

    ^^this is a wrestling website not days of our lives

  14. KNE says:

    You’re not fooling anyone Snow, all of your idiotic misogynistic comments prove beyond doubt that you can’t get women to date you. If women are in fact consistently cheating on you, you’re obviously a loser that can’t get the job done.

  15. antonio feliciano says:

    Whoo. Making lawers rich

  16. steve jones says:

    who would marry an old fart like Ric Flair

  17. Dick Hertz says:

    “No hair, No Flair!!!”


  18. Chris James says:

    It goes both ways. Women take advantage of Flair. How could they not know about all the women he’s been with? They know. But Flair should also stop worrying about marriage and just be Ric Flair.. Or Rick Fleir.

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