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WWE Diva Arrested for DUI

Funkette Cameron, real name Ariane Andrew, was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence. The WWE diva was arrested on Friday at 2:44 AM in Hillsborough County, FL and was released on a $500 bond.

You can see the mugshot here

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10 Responses

  1. Jake Allen says:

    Enjoy your future en devour within the next week

  2. Guled says:

    somebody better call HER mama

  3. TakerNGN74 says:

    If she gets released I’ll be happy because she knows absolutely nothing about wrestling and shouldnt have gotten a job after being eliminted from Tough Enough. Her favoriote match was Alicia Fox vs. Melina for god sakes.

  4. Phil Parent says:

    The record says she’s a sales associates for Wells Fargo…

    I guess the thing she does on monday nights is her dirty little secret.

  5. soccer20649 says:

    I was expecting Kelly Kelly for some reason

  6. GTS= go to sleep, sleepy head! says:

    They need to worry about Natalya’s gut because it was jiggling real good on RAW!

  7. Respectfully Yours says:

    Even if you don’t think it’s that great, MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WANT TO BE WHERE YOU ARE. To do something that would jeopardize your position in this business is an insult and embarrassment to this industry. Get real, or go home.

    Respectfully Yours,
    Wishing I was where you are.

  8. McS says:

    Funk is on a roll right enough

  9. deathedge says:


    Same here.

    As for the Funkdactyle, meh, does anyone really care? How is this “top story” material? Slow news day I suppose.

  10. Kerry says:

    Guled beat me to it. DAMN!

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