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Chris Jericho comments on Ziggler’s using his music on Raw

Jericho posted the following to Twitter during Raw:

Heard Dolph used my music tonight. Well it’s about time he got a good ring song, as that “I Am Perfection” tune is crap #JustAnotherWannabe

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6 Responses

  1. Sal says:

    Out of date, he’s here to save the world

  2. MrBeatnik says:

    Isn’t it “show the world?”

  3. fonzy campos says:

    Will come back in two years
    And do nothing again

  4. fonzy campos says:

    @fonzy Campos Twitter
    Fonzy Campos Facebook

  5. cas says:

    I really hope they push ziggler off of this. Y2J set him up perfectly

  6. The Straight Shooter says:

    Ladies and Gentleman…the torch has Officially been passed to “The Show-Off” Dolph Ziggler…just like Flair to STing, Hogan to Warrior and Angle to Brock (<—-lol on that one)

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