Updated: Indy promoter praises Marty Jannetty

Aug 27, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

The Masked Maniac (Frank Goodman) via Facebook:

I wanted to step up & make a statement concerning the stuff going on about Marty Jannetty as both an in ring talent & as a person…On July 28th Marty came out to Florida to wrestle Steve Corino on one of my shows….Marty Showed up clearly hurt as his ankle was gigantic…while his match with Corino was not what you would expect ..He tried and he made no excuses to me about it…He got to the building 4 hours before the show and stayed until at least an hour after hanging with fans and treating each fan as if he knew them for 20 years…After promoting more then 700 shows and wrestling on a few thousand more Nobody other then Vince McMahon has dealt with more Bitter Over the hill former WWE/WWF/WCW/AWA/ECW Stars who have tried to pull every trick in the book on me and I will say Marty Jannetty was the easiest ….nicest…fan friendliest guy I have dealt with in 26 years in this business and I have no doubt I will use him again and no doubt that as long as he’s healthy I’ll get an amazing match out of him……

Jannetty replied:

Thank you Frank!!!! and dont take this offensively, but I do that every time I step in the ring..but the fact you “get that” and appreciate that, means, I’ll bust my ass forever for you…I missed a show that next day due to, well, hiding an injury, one you mentioned..love ya bruh..call on me and I’m there doggy dogg..you are one of the few good ones out there!

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