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Chris Jericho discusses original timeline for 2012 return‏

Chris Jericho was a guest on The LAW Sunday night chatting about Fozzy’s new album ‘Sin and Bones’ along with his latest WWE run. The full edition of the show is up at Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

The original contract with WWE:
I went to Connecticut to meet with Vince McMahon last year after SummerSlam, and my plan was to come back in December, do the month of vignettes, then work January to the end of May, and then in June we were supposed to embark on the tour for Sin and Bones, because originally it was supposed to come out in June. Then when I found out that the record wasn’t gonna come out until mid-August, I said, “Well, I’ll stay for another three months, until the end of August.” Until SummerSlam, basically. I kind of re-signed and extended my deal for another three months at the beginning of May.

His match at SummerSlam with Dolph Ziggler:
They wanted to start the show off with a bang, and I don’t care if I go on first, last, in the middle, whatever. But if I’m going on first, I’m gonna be going out there to make a statement and kick it off with a bang, and I don’t want anybody to be able to follow it. I think the LA crowd was primed; SummerSlam is a big deal, they’ve promoted it and done a great job of making it the second biggest pay-per-view of the year, and the crowd was crazy. And honestly, it’s fun to kind of end off that last run as Y2J, as a good guy, after being the hated heel for basically the better part of four years.

Talent Trying to Break Out in Current Landscape:
Guys have to step out and take a chance, but they’re not really encouraged to like it was in the old days, and I think there’s pros and cons to that. I think we’re seeing that in a lot of the characters that are on the show. But then suddenly you’ve got a guy like Damien Sandow who comes out and, against all odds, gets over with this character. Then once he starts getting the confidence for it, then he’s starting to take a chance, so you still can get that.

How did I get into wrestling? With my grandma, my dad, and my aunt. You could go as family entertainment. The Attitude Era was a great time; if it was still going on, I’d be right in the middle of it still doing all the stuff that I used to do. But it changed, and that’s the way it is, so you must change with it. It’s still wrestling; it’s all about having great matches, great characters and great build-ups. It’s the same concept, it’s just that you can’t say “ass” and “son of a bitch” anymore. Well, if you can’t do a good program and not say “ass” and “son of a bitch,” then you don’t need to be working in this business anyway.

Transcribed by Chris Maffei

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5 Responses

  1. Fahim Abrar says:

    Only if the Attitude era was going on, we would see more of Chris Jericho and Batista…..

  2. Kerry says:

    I really wish people would get over the whole Attitude era & the anti-PG crap. Wrestling is supposed to be, in Jericho’s own words even, “all about having great matches, great characters and great build-ups. And “if you can’t do a good program and not say “ass” and “son of a bitch,” then you don’t need to be working in this business anyway.”.

  3. Big Andy says:

    Territories didn’t use vulgar, sex and insanely dangerous matches to get over. Some blood yes, but those were still some of the most entertaining times ever. Guys getting mic time, 10-15 minute matches and you could LEGIT believe two certain wrestlers hated each others guts which made the matches great. Plus the crowd was way wild back then. And best part? If it was rated, it would be a “low PG” at best.

  4. Denis says:

    Amen Chris. You hit the nail right on the head. Wrestling is supposed to be “all about having great matches, great characters and great build-ups.” And it’s true, if you have to cuss or use sexually suggestive events then you don’t need to be in wrestling. The Attitude Era is over. It’s time for everyone who is still in love with that time to, well, grow up. You are adults now.

  5. deathedge says:

    Again, the only reason why anyone complains, well, as large a number of people that have been complaining, is because the writing staff can’t put on a good PG show. If they tried to put on an Attitude Era-esque show, I’d suspect it would be… well… crap. Now, if you took a guy like Paul Heyman or Jim Cornette, made him head booker, and said “Litsen, you have to stay keep it PG.” then odds are, they’d put on a great PG oriented show.

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