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8/27 WWE Monday Night Raw Live Report

Tonight’s show opens with a recap of what happened last week between CM Punk, John Cena and Jerry Lawler, with Lawler apologizing to Punk and still getting kicked in the back of the head after refusing to admit Punk is the best in the world.

At ringside, Cole talks about what King Tweeted last week after RAW.  Lawler gets up and heads into the ring.  King grabs a mic and says he knows this isn’t how RAW normally begins.  As they went off the air on the 1000th RAW, Lawler admits he may have misspoke.  Lawler says he apologized last week, but still got kicked in the head from behind.  Says this week HE wants an apology from Punk.  Punk comes out and asks King if he wants the WWE Champ to apologize?   Punk says Rock disrespected him and he in no way turned his back on anyone rather King did for disrespecting him with his comments.  Punk says he will put down anyone who shows him disrespect.  Punk says he’s sorry, sorry that all it takes to get in the WWE Hall of Fame is to beat nobody’s and have a slap fight with a comedian.  Says Lawler couldn’t beat Cole.  Punk says he’s sorry for the man Lawler has become.  Punk says King looks like he wants to fight.  Asks King if he wants to fight him.  But says he’s just a commentator that Punk would embarrass.  King says he came out for an apology not a fight.  Punk says he can tell through body language that King wants to fight.  Asks if not him, who is the best?  Punk says he will fight King but King will leave embarrassed tonight.   Punk leaves the ring, walking up the ramp saying “respect”.  King says he will think about it.  Commercial.

In ring, Jack Swagger is waiting his opponent, who is…………Ryback.  Match begins with a lockup and knees to the midsection of Ryback.  Ryback comes back with knees of his own, sending Swagger off the ropes, ducking a Swagger clothesline and then nailing Swagger with a big boot to the head.  Ryback picks up Swagger by the neck, then dropped him 3 times down to the mat hard.   Ryback then stood up Swagger and drove him head first back down to the canvas.  Ryback off the ropes but Swagger hits a drop toe hold, draping Ryback over the 2nd rope.  Swagger off the ropes and delivers a shoulder tackle to Ryback.  Scoop slam by Swagger.  Swagger steps on the chest of Ryback on his way to the corner to try a Swaggerbomb, but coming off, Swagger gets caught with feet up by Ryback.  But Swagger grabs hold and tries to put on the ankle lock.  Ryback powers out and tosses Swagger into the corner.  Ryback with right hands and then whips Swagger into the opposite corner.  Ryback tries to deliver a back body drop but Swagger comes down on his head.  Ryback with a huge clothesline to Swagger, then picks him up, marches around the ring and drops Swagger for the pin.  Winner: Ryback

Hype for HHH interview later tonight.

Recap of Diva’s match from last week, where Kaitlyn beat Eve in the battle royal last week.

In ring, Layla is waiting, when Vicky comes out.    Bell rings for Layla vs Natalya.   Match starts with a takedown by Natalya, but Layla rolls through and counters with a hammerlock on Natalya.  Natalya shoves Layla down.  Kick to Laya’s face and a pin attempt, but Layla kicks out with authority.  Layla off the ropes, catches Natalya with a rollup for a 2 count as Vicky looks on, wanting the match to hurry up and end.  Layla with a crossbody off the middle rope, 1 count.  Armbar by Layla but Natalya makes it to the ropes, where Layla then grabs her legs and pulls Natalya out, dropping her on the back of her head.  Layla with a butt to the head of Natalya.  Layla goes for a baseball slide but Natalya pulls the ring apron out trapping Layla.  Layla thrown back in, Natalya trying for Sharpshooter, but Layla counters out.  Suplex attempt by Natalya, Layla counters out and nails a big kick to Natalya for the win.  Winner: Layla   Vicky gets in the ring and dismisses the Divas.  Vicky talks about the match between Ziggler & Jericho.   Says AJ abused her power last week by adding the stipulation that if Dolph lost, he lost his MITB briefcase.  Vicky begs for the WWE Board to put an adult in charge not a mentally deranged child.  Out comes AJ.  AJ gets in ring and slaps Vicky!  AJ then takes her down!!  Vicky runs out as AJ smiles.

Highlights of HHH’s career are shown.

Back live after commercial, anger management class for Daniel Bryan is shown.  Bryan speaks up and says he doesn’t have an issue, unlike everyone else.  In walks a kid wearing a goat face mask.  Bryan says NO, NO.  Bryan says take the mask off now.  The leader of the group tells Bryan that this is his son and he’s a goat in a school play LOL  Bryan goes back and sits down.

Cole mentions a Tweet Punk just sent about letting Punk have the first punch should they fight.  Lawler says the “nobodys” he beat in Memphis includes Jesse Ventura, Harley Race, Jack Briscoe, etc.  Lawler says he knows he’s not the best in the world, but he doesn’t think Punk is either.  Says You’re Damn Right he will fight Punk tonight.

Back from commercial, out comes John Cena.  Next out is his opponent, the Miz.  Match begins with a lockup into a headlock takeover by Miz.  Both men back up, Miz sent off the ropes and Cena catches him with a takedown, clamping on a headlock on the mat.  Again, both men up, Cena sent off the ropes, Miz tries a takedown, but Cena counters and takes Miz back down into a headlock on the mat.  Commercial.   Back live, Cena is down in the corner, Miz walks around ringside, gets in ring only to be caught by Cena and shoved to the corner and nailed with right hands.  Cena sends Miz to the opposite corner then hits a bulldog on Miz.  Miz off the ropes, kicks Cena who lowered his head too early.  Kicks to the head of Cena, 2 count by Miz.  Miz waits for Cena to get up, runs at Cena and hits the running clothesline in the corner.  Miz to the top rope with an axe handle to Cena.  Rear chin lock on Cena.  Both men up, Cena counters out, but Miz hits a knee to the ribs.  Cena counters a suplex with one of his own.  Miz then hits a neckbreaker on Cena.  2 count.  Another kick to the head of Cena,  2 count.  Yet another kick to the head of Cena, another 2 count.  Miz off the ropes and is caught in the STF but Miz grabs the bottom rope, causing a break.  Miz catches Cena with the DDT for a 2 count.  Miz stalks Cena, waiting on Cena to get up.  Cena gets Miz up but Miz counters with a slam and a 2 count.  Miz runs at Cena in the corner, misses the running clothesline.  Cena with shoulder take downs on Miz, side slam to Miz, Five Knuckle Shuffle, gets Miz up, AA connects for the pin.  Winner: John Cena

Breaking news from AJ…..AJ says the WWE Universe will select the type of match that Punk/Lawler will have tonight…..Tables, No DQ, or Cage Match.

More highlights of HHH’s career are shown.  Commercial.

Back live, more anger management class stuff.  Bryan looks bored.  Says his boss is his former fiance.  Says she gets to skip while he’s stuck here.   The last patient walks in, who is Kane.  Kane sits next to Daniel.

In ring, we have Heath Slater out.  His opponent Santino is out next.  Match begins with an attempted takedown by Santino but finally takes Slater down then does moves all over Slater’s back.   Big right hand by Slater and kicks to Santino.  2 count.  Knee to Santino’s back and punches to Santino’s head.  Slater drapes Santino over the 2nd rope and smacks his head.  Slater snaps Santino’s neck up under the bottom rope, 2 count.  Slater comes over to Santino who rolls up Slater for a 2 count.  Santino up, split legged duck of a clothesline into the hip lock takeover.  Santino off the ropes, diving headbutt.  Pulls out Cobra, but Aksana’s music hits, getting the attention of the Cobra, but turns in time to nail Slater.  Winner: Santino Marella


Back live,  out comes Brodus Clay.  Next out is Sin Cara.  Their opponents are Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes.   Cody says Clay has the girth of the fans in attendance and Sin Cara has the hideous looks, thus the mask.  Commercial.

Back live, match is already underway, with Rhodes having Sin Cara down on the mat.  Sin Cara back up but Cody shoves him down to the mat.  Running knee to a seated Sin Cara, 2 count.  Sandow tagged in, side Russian Leg Sweep to Sin Cara.  Big elbow drop by Sandow.  He picks Sin Cara up and nails a big right hand.  Stomp to the chest of Sin Cara, holding him down as Cody is tagged in.  Cody in with more stomps to Sin Cara.  Big right hand by Rhodes.  Sin Cara counters, shoving Rhodes off the ropes and hitting a hurricanrana.  Brodus tagged in, clothesline to Cody followed by a big splash in the corner by Clay.  Rhodes picked up, running power slam by Clay.  Sandow breaks up the count, kicking the knee of Clay.  Sandow then runs at Sin Cara who pulls down the top rope sending Sandow sailing over.  Sin Cara with a crossbody off the top rope onto Sandow on the floor.  In ring, Cody leaps off the middle rope only to get caught by the headbutt from Clay.  Big splash by Clay for the pin.  Winners:  Sin Cara/Brodus Clay

Back to anger management…..Kane talks about his childhood.  Locked in a basement after his brother set him on fire.  He has buried 2 people alive, electrocuted a man’s testicles, and tombstoned a priest and has an unhealthy obsession with Pete Rose.


More HHH highlights as we come back from commercial.  In ring, R-Truth is in ring and Daniel Bryan comes out for their match.  Match begins with a fist bump??  Lockup, armbar into a hammer lock by Truth, countered by Bryan into a hammer lock of his own.  Headlock takedown by Bryan, head scissors counter by Truth.  Both men back up.  Crowd chants Goat Face as Truth gives a fist bump to Little Jimmy.  Bryan fist bumps Little Jimmy then kicks Truth in the gut.  Both men in the corner, kicks by Bryan.  Truth whipped into another corner but catches Bryan with a knee coming in.  Truth with a running clothesline to Bryan followed by a high reverse spin kick.  Spinning elbow off the ropes by Truth.  Truth sent to the ropes, holds on, backdrops Bryan over the top rope to the floor.  Big right hand by Truth out on the floor.  Truth grabs the mic and says “Yes Little Jimmy I know where we’re at…we’re in Milwaukee”.  YES chants.  Bryan screams NO.  Truth in ring, Bryan gets counted out as he screams NOOOO.   Winner by countout: R-Truth  Bryan goes nuts kicking the ringside steps.

Back live from commercial, we are joined by the C.O.O. Triple H.   He says let’s cut to the chase, am I going to retire?  He says he’s learned to say never say never.   Says he wants to retire from all this before all this retires him.  Says everyone comes to a crossroad in their career and you must ask “is it time?”  Says never wanted to be the guy that hung on too long or too beat up to hold his own kids.  That being said, he’s at that crossroad.  Says he doesn’t know if he’s done.  He’s broken (again), more tired than ever.  Says he wants to be the King of Kings, the Game, the Cerebral Assassin and that he will kick Brock’s ass but he can’t because he doesn’t know if he can.  Brock has forced him to look inside and ask “Am I done?”  If he can’t say he can come back and beat Brock and be better than before than maybe he’s answered his own question.  Crowd chants “You can do it’.  Says he can say Thank You to the fans.  Says every time he’s come through the curtain, the fans have cared.  When he was hurt and tired, what got him through was the fans.  Thank you for letting me play the game he says.  HHH drops the mic and stands in ring as fans cheer him.   A Thank You Hunter chant begins.  HHH leaves the ring, shaking hands with fans as he heads to the back.  Commercial.

Back live, Y2J’s music hits but it’s Dolph Ziggler.  Says Y2J will not be seen because of him.  To the ring he comes for his match with Alberto Del Rio against Randy Orton and Sheamus.  Match begins with Orton and Dolph.  Lockup, headlock by Orton.  Dolph sends Orton into the ropes and off, shoulder tackle by Orton.  Dolph up, leap frogs Orton only to get caught with a big clothesline by Orton.  Slingshot Suplex by Orton to Dolph.  Del Rio in, tossed out by Orton, shoulder block off the apron by Sheamus to Del Rio.  Power slam by Orton to Ziggler.  Dolph rolls out.  Commercial.  Back live, Dolph has a rear chin lock on Orton.  Both men up, Orton counters out but gets a knee to the gut by Ziggler.  Del Rio in, working over the arm of Orton.  Both men up, Orton with a right hand, Del Rio with a knee to the midsection followed by a headbutt.  Orton sent into the corner, Del Rio charges in but Orton leaps over his back and rolls up Del Rio for a 2 count.  Again Del Rio charges Orton in the corner, but this time gets back dropped over the ring post to the floor.  Ricardo helps Del Rio back in.  Both men tag their partner.  Sheamus in, ax handle blows to Dolph, then a big shoulder block in the corner, followed by a high running knee lift to Dolph.  Sheamus knocks Del Rio off the apron.  Ziggler sent into the ropes but catches Sheamus with a boot to the chest, as he lowered the head too soon.  Then Dolph knocks Orton off the apron.  Sheamus picks up Dolph but Dolph counters through and kicks the knee of Sheamus.  Dolph gets caught with the Irish Curse backbreaker.  Del Rio in to break up the pin attempt.  Dolph calls for the MITB briefcase to be tossed in by Ricardo but in slides Orton at the same time, who hits his backbreaker on Ziggler who then staggers into a Brogue Kick by Sheamus for the pin.  Winners: Orton and Sheamus.

Backstage, Cena and Lawler are talking.  Lawler asks Cena not to interfere.   Commercial.

Back live, out comes Kane to do commentary for the Zack Ryder vs. David Otunga match.  Match begins with a kick to Ryder by Otunga followed by a forearm across the back.  Otunga slams Ryder’s head into the top buckle.  Ryder fires back with right hands, but gets caught with a back elbow by Otunga.  Ryder again slammed into the turnbuckle, this time Otunga stomps him down in the corner.  Ryder sent across the ring where Otunga follows him in, hitting a big clothesline and then a shoulder tackle off the ropes.  Rear chin lock by Otunga.  Suplex by Otunga.  2 count.  Knee to the back of Ryder.  Both men up, Ryder sent into the ropes, comes off and slams Otunga head first to the mat.  Clothesline by Ryder.  Ryder sent into the corner by Otunga but Ryder hits a back elbow as Otunga comes in.  Ryder to the middle rope, but Otunga yanks him down.  Ryder ducks a clothesline, hits his finisher for the win.  Winner: Zack Ryder  Kane gets in ring and grabs Ryder, has a change of heart and lets him go, instead grabbing Otunga and delivering a chokeslam.

Back from commercial, the poll results are in for what type of match we will see between Punk & Lawler.  The “winner” is cage match.  Out comes AJ.  AJ says regardless of the outcome tonight, Punk will defend his title against HER choice….John Cena.  The cage begins to lower as we head to commercial.

Back live, out comes Jerry the King Lawler followed by the WWE Champ, CM Punk.  Match begins with Punk giving Lawler first shot.  Lawler hesitates then levels Punk with a right hand.  Punk up, kicks to Lawler then knees in the corner.  Neckbreaker to Lawler.  Forearms to the chest of Lawler.  Rear chin lock by Punk.  Lawler up, but tossed down by Punk.  Punk toying with Lawler, kicks to the King’s head.  Lawler back up, but tossed down again.  Punk to the corner, runs across the ring and nails King in the opposite corner then snapnares him out.   Dropkick to a seated King.  Punk goes up top but King knocks him off, crotching Punk on the top buckle.  King goes for the door, but Punk catches him, dragging him back in and dropping multiple elbows onto Lawler.  Punk goes for another neckbreaker but King counters and rams Punk into the cage.  Right hands by King. Punk into the cage again.  Clothesline by Lawler.  King up, strap down, diving right hand…2 count.  King goes for door again, but Punk stops him, sending King to the corner where Punk hits the running knee.  Both men down.  Punk is busted open.  Punk calls for GTS.  King is slammed down and Punk locks in the Anaconda Vice.  King taps but Punk won’t let go.  Finally he does.  Punk exits cage.  Punk grabs mic then looks under ring and gets a chain.  Punk back in cage, shuts door and chains it shut and locks it.  He goes back to King and says he gives King another shot to admit he’s the best in the world, to which King says HELL NO.  Punk unloads on King.  Punk says he is the best and demands King say it.  Out comes Cena but can’t get in the door.  Cena calls for the cage to be raised.  Punk is dropping knees to King’s head.  Cage raises and Punk runs like a coward as Cena slides in.

Weak ending to a weak RAW.



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22 Responses

  1. Big Dave says:

    Wow ryback almost dropped swagger on his neck!! C’mon wwe!!

  2. Paul says:

    The way things stand right now, I think it’s safe to say Jack Swagger is screwed!

  3. seanyd.93 says:


  4. Rex Anderson says:

    How many cobra’s have a mind of its own when it comes to the divas?
    Santino’s becoming a big boy

  5. seanyd.93 says:

    I wonder when Wade Barrett will be back :/ will it be tonight? On Smackdown? Or after NOC?

  6. eddie says:

    Don’t worry sean chances are king and punk will be a no dq and cena will interfere costing punk the match so he will be part of main event

  7. Chris Epic says:

    Harold is Scorpio Sky

  8. seanyd.93 says:

    @eddie I hope so, it’s not like anybody wants WWE to change and do anything different, it has to be the same forever!

  9. Rex Anderson says:

    Sounds like Triple H is talking about Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair

  10. eddie says:

    No rex I was thinking he was talking about his buddy nash

  11. mike says:

    Does anyone think he will go with Brock one last time?

  12. Rex Anderson says:

    @eddie Ooooohhhh knockout shot, haha good one

  13. Rex Anderson says:

    Can someone please tell Damien Sandow to stay the hell out of Rick Martel’s closet, those tights haven’t been seen since 1992 or 93

  14. Sonia says:

    Wow this is awful

  15. Jake says:

    No Wade Barrett video yet… Hmm.

  16. seanyd.93 says:

    OMG! JOHN CENA IS GETTING A TITLE SHOT! I didn’t see that coming, I thought any other superstar was going to be the number one contender, I thought there was no chance of Cena getting the title shot!

  17. Adam says:

    love the r-truth comment to his Green Bay mistake a few years ago

  18. Todd says:

    HHH’s retirement is obviously a work!

    They are working and building toward a HHH vs Shawn Michaels match at
    Mania 29. That match will 100% be HHH’s last.

  19. AJ Starr says:

    Did anyone else get that Kane as Dr. Evil in the therapy session?

    Just about died laughing.

  20. dooman says:

    why does HHH look like a fool waiting for his pop to get louder…..only the rock can get away with that when shawn or hunter try it it looks foolish

  21. Meh says:

    What the stars Kane why didn’t you chokeslam and/or tombstone that Twitter whiner?

  22. RJ Ace says:

    @AJ Starr- That Kane skit was the funniest segment on Raw in a long time.

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