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Credit: Josh Parry & PW Torch

Dark Match: Dean Ambrose beat C.J. Parker via submission with a Benoit-style Crossface.

Dark Match 2: Damien Sandow beat Garrett Dylan.

Episode 1 taping

(1) Drew McIntyre beat Richie Steamboat after Kassius Ohno came out to distract.

(2) Big E. Langston squashed Aiden English. Big E. is super over.

Michael McGillicutty came out and said that Seth Rollins is a paper champion. Rollins came out and said that if it’s true, he would fight McGillicutty with the title on the line right now. McGillicutty backed down and it was implied that the match will take place “next week.”

(3) Kassius Ohno beat Percy Watson. Ohno was attacked from behind by Steamboat before the match. Unfortunately for Watson, Ohno still competed and won quickly with a Rolling Elbow.

(4) Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd beat The Ascension. Great tag match. Overall, a hot first episode.

Episode 2 taping

(1) Bo Dallas beat Johnny Curtis with a spear.

Everyone came back out and re-shot the ending of the Ascension tag match. Really weird since the original ending was fine. A loud “re-shoot” chant broke out and they actually had security try to quiet people down.

Rollins ran into C.M. Punk backstage. He told him to stop seeking respect from his opponents, because it won’t get him anywhere. He told Rollins to beat it out of them.

(2) Leo Kruger squashed Dante Dash.

(3) NXT champion Seth Rollins beat Michael McGillicutty with a roll-up to retain the NXT Title. Punk was on commentary and they had a staredown post-match. The match itself was okay; not as good as their last NXT match.

Punk vs. Antonio Cesaro was announced for tonight.

Episode 3 taping

(1) Alex Riley beat Jinder Mahal.

(2) Trent Barreta beat Jake Carter.

(3) Kassius Ohno & Ascension beat the Usos & Ricky Steamboat in a six-man tag match. The third episode was very sleepy.

Bonus Match: WWE champion C.M. Punk vs. U.S. champion Antonio Cesaro ended in a No Contest when Ohno came out to attack Punk. Rollins made the save, making it an impromptu super-indy wrestling tag match reunion.

Bonus Match: C.M. Punk & Seth Rollins (Tyler Black) beat Kings of Wrestling (Antonio Cesaro (Claudio Castagnoli) & Kassius Ohno (Chris Hero) in a tag match. Epic stuff. They embraced in the ring afterwards. During the celebration, john Cena interrupted on the Titantron and announced that he will be at the next NXT taping at Full Sail on September 20. That didn’t go down well with Punk or the predominantly male audience.

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9 Responses

  1. Jono K says:

    Oh Boy! Can’t wait for that Tag Match!!

  2. Matt says:

    Oh man, now I’m going to be waiting with heavy anticipation for that third taped episode. Punk, Black, Castagnoli, and Hero, all in one ring, a tag-team match. As an ROH fan, I am definitely hyped up for it!

  3. Your hero says:

    Bonus match… That must’ve been epic.

  4. Jamie says:

    @Jono – it was a bonus match, not likely to be televised

  5. max says:

    Dont hold yr breath

  6. kent says:

    lord if it doesnt show i’ll be pissed

  7. WWEinsider says:

    *Insider Info*……
    The Match Featuring Punk, Rollins, Ohno & Cesaro will not be seen on TV however the embrace will be seen much in the way we see the infamous MSG embrace with Nash, Hall, Michaels & HHH….Why??? WELL all 4 (or maybe 3 of the 4, if plan B is used) are set to be apart of a NWO/DX/NEXUS stable lead by either Punk or Daniel Bryan… Dont expect to see this new stable on main WWE television for at least 3 months however….. But…. IT WILL HAPPEN!!!

  8. loo s says:

    its a shame when NXT looks more interesting than raw…

  9. josh says:

    even nxt have given up on the divas lol

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