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Last night’s Impact Rating

Last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling scored a 1.15 cable rating with 1.72 million viewers.

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  1. ILMH says:

    Good for TNA. I’m happy to some some progress after they had the .88 or whatever it was. I hope this trends upward, at least a little.

  2. Mike says:

    I’m a first time poster on here, however I’ve been going here forever for all of my wrestling news updates. I have been watching wrestling (all types and federations) for 25 years. Never have I been so depressed with the overall state of wrestling. Even in 1996 the wwe/f (the year they actually LOST money) the product was 10 times better than today in my opinion. I know there are a lot of wwe fans on here but I wanted to post to comment on the fact that TNA may have its faults (ahem Claire Lynch)….however they do put on a lot of quality matches ever single week/ppv compared to the wwe. The storylines aren’t over the top and resiculous like the Johnny ace/ Michael Cole/ Hornswaggle stuff that just makes you shake your head. This aces and eights storyline may seem recycled (invasion type angle has been done many times before), however almost everything in wrestling has been done now. I like the storyline. I went from never tuning in to now tuning in every week. TNA may be in a long second place to wwe but I for one don’t care as long as they keep the great matches (including X-division) coming and also keep the storylines sensible. I also enjoy reading everyone’s comments on here. Thanks all!

  3. Robin says:

    Dam right… TNA TNA TNA

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