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News on Tammy Sytch, Crimson, and Al Snow

– Crimson has been sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville.

– Al Snow has reportedly gained more power in TNA.

– Tammy Sytch (“Sunny”) is out of rehab and was at a show over the weekend in New Jersey with Damian Darling, who she’s currently with.

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. Dusty Finish says:

    Crimson is still super green, so OVW might help. I’d like to see he and Gunner as a tag-team, doing an APA-style gimmick.

  2. Tim says:

    IMO, Crimson was nothing but a joke. They forced the “undefeated streak” crap down our throats like he was Goldberg. And I didn’t care for his character, no charisma.

  3. havok says:

    crimson had a good look and the streak couldve done something for him but he wasnt improving at all

  4. Daniel says:

    No charisma hits the nail on the head. I saw him live and it was like he wasn’t even there. He just has no ring presence and his wrestling ability is average. Did they at least have someone beat him?

  5. havok says:

    storm beat him at slammiversary….other then that i dont recall

  6. DBRude says:

    I hope sending Crimson to OVW was Al Snow’s idea.

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