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Christian to make another TNA appearance

Christian is slated to make a second TNA appearance at the Bound for Glory PPV, as part of the hall of fame induction for Sting, per the WWE/TNA agreement allowing Ric Flair to be inducted into WWE’s hall of fame for a second time in April.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. Boogeyman says:

    Poor Christian.

  2. Y_Set says:

    And of course WWE will use this as a “reason” to de-push Christian more and more.

  3. bah says:

    A pawn…

  4. ric says:

    Christian should just go back to TNA cause staying in WWE its pointless.

  5. Mr. Kimura says:

    He should have never left TNA to begin with, but coming towards the end of Edge’s career, it would not have been the same without Christian. It won’t surprise me if Christian ends up going back after his contract is up.

  6. Dallas Star says:

    tna is a complete joke you fools are mistaken to think TNA will make 20 yrs. christian is a WWE performer through and through. yeah.he had a lil run in tna. tna tries to hard and they suck. maybe Dixie will get cancer and go away

  7. Joey says:

    Why do people like to devalue a guy who is in the twilight of his career and just wants to get younger talent over? Its better than a 50-something who thinks he could still keep up gunning for a World Title opportunity.

  8. Really? says:

    @ Joey – who is this 50 something guy you speak of, gunning for the world title?

  9. Ho Kogan says:

    @Really Uhmm, I dunno, maybe Sting? Just a thought.

  10. alan says:

    WOW dallas star, that was a very classless statement on your part

    Dallas Star says:
    August 23, 2012 at 11:48 am

    maybe Dixie will get cancer and go away

  11. echo says:

    I wonder if any TNA haters like Dallas Star actually watch TNA.

  12. Science & Violence says:

    Ooooooh so that’s why he hasn’t been on tv or had any notable angles. The WWE: Ever so classy and mature.

  13. Chris Epic says:

    Explains jobbing to Sandow

  14. ILMH says:

    I watch TNA every week. I hate it and can;t stand a lot of the storylines, but I can’t complain if I don’t watch.

    I think Christian despises going back “down” to TNA’s level, but his agreement to do as such is admirable. I mean, when you looked at his appearance at Slammeversary, it seemed more like public service than a “Homecoming”. Will Christian ever be back in TNA, I doubt it, but stranger things have happened.

  15. Adam says:

    Dallas Star…you are an a–hole. To wish cancer on anyone is downright foul and you disgust me. Go away…

  16. -J- says:

    wrasslin is serious bidness…oh well they got flair and they got christian why is it even about him leaving wwe for tna, it all bs considering the ongoing lawsuit.

    2012 pro wrestling = ASS.

  17. Boogeyman says:

    @Chris Epic Jobbing to Sandow…it’s called putting over talent there trying to push and good for Christian to do it!

  18. AJ Starr says:

    Putting over talent is FAR different than what Christian is doing.

    Jobbing is losing for no reason… that is what Christian is doing. Is Sandow up any higher in the card from his win? No. Is that win going to do anything for him at all? Hell no.

    The way to put someone over is to have a program with them and ELEVATE them through good matches, good interviews and good angles. A thrown together match with botched interference is NOT putting someone over. Period.

    And anyone EVER stop and think that MAYBE… just MAYBE… Sting wants Christian to induct him.

    No? No one stop to think that? Ok, that’s what I thought.

  19. AJ Starr says:

    Just to further the point; Austin I think got ONE pinfall victory over Bret Hart through their entire feud. At least… I think one. Not even sure if he ever beat Bret to be honest.

    How ever, their feud was so great… so epic… Austin became a huge superstar from it, and he never even got wins over Bret. Hart elevated Austin through a tremendous program and excellent matches to put Austin on another level.

    A 5 minute job on RAW does NOT elevate someone… if you think otherwise, you know nothing about the business.

  20. Welcome back says:

    I hope he comes back to wrestling.. I mean to TNA. The WWE is a piece of crap since 2005.

  21. ILMH says:

    Quick poll question….
    Where would Christian rather be?
    WWE and jobbing
    TNA and being upper card

  22. Fu-Q says:

    tna sucks I agree with DallasStar. Dixie should Die that would be the best tna moment.

  23. Steveoreno says:

    I feel odd saying this but AJ Starr is absolutely right and that was an excellent point. Christian definitely got jobbed out. That didn’t elevate Sandow. In fact he was more elevated after getting beat up by DX than he was by winning a forgetable match.As for everyone saying Christian should go back, I think he made it clear when he left it was for money. He wanted to go where he could support his family best. I think he is smart and sensible that way. If he can get better money on day in TNA my guess is he would jump back in a heartbeat. He seemed to enjoy it there.

  24. Hennessy says:

    Dallas Star says:
    August 23, 2012 at 11:48 am

    maybe Dixie will get cancer and go away

    I thought that posts are getting checked before they are openly visible. This is just poor and unnecessary. If you don’t like something, you have the choice to avoid that. No reason to whish any harm on other people.

    You sir are the lowest of the low.

  25. Onetruemisfit says:

    tna IS cancer

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