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Christian to make another TNA appearance

Christian is slated to make a second TNA appearance at the Bound for Glory PPV, as part of the hall of fame induction for Sting, per the WWE/TNA agreement allowing Ric Flair to be inducted into WWE’s hall of fame for a second time in April.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. Fu-Q says:

    Your Awsome,Dallas! Ignore those other two Like their Beloved company,They are Sore losers. Who rag on the WWE because they know that tna has no chance in competition Whatsoever.

  2. RVD420 says:

    christian should have never left back in 04(05?) worst career move he ever made. well that and cutting his hair

  3. Long John Cena says:

    Argh me markies! You tell ’em! TNA is a cancer and it sucks to high H-E-Double hockey sticks!

    Why would Xtian go back to that fast food dump and wrestle with the likes of Aries, Daniels, Angle, Joe, Roode, and etc…LOLz a bunch of no names noobs. When he can soar in the WWE universe with the likes of Mark Henry, Delllllllllllllll Rioooooooooooooo, Sheamus, Orton, and other great ring generals.

    BTW what is TNA anyway? I forgot!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!

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