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Angle praises The Undertaker

Kurt Angle via Facebook:

Undertaker Could Be the Greatest Wrestler I Ever faced. 80 Percent Of His W Mania Opponents Were Average Taker Is Amazing. Watch NWO 2006

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  1. Your Hero says:

    NWO 2006 was arguably the best match Angle had in WWE and I’m aware of his matches with Benoit and HBK.

  2. -J- says:

    is he still in wwe in his mind?

  3. Sincerely, NOT Kurt Angle says:

    Of course not, he’s bigger than the WWE!

  4. Daniel says:

    The only people I would consider “average” on this list of Undertaker’s victims at Mania would be Giant Gonzalez and MAYBE A-Train…

  5. Ryan says:

    Every time Angle says something positive like this is to distract us from an upcoming “hacking.”

  6. Big Andy says:

    He only says this cause Taker choked him out on a plane once.

  7. Kid Vicious says:

    kinda harsh on some of the Undertakers opponents.
    80%.. i make that 14 of the 17 he’s faced.

    ok, so shawn and flair, they’re not average. that’s 2 of the 3.
    who’s the last one? edge? hhh? one could argue the undertaker was pretty green when he face snuka. what about jake roberts? was he average? then you got sid, nash and batista. ok, they’re three muscled up lumps, but there’s no denying their place at the top of the tree during their wwe tenure. and then there’s kane. surely they wouldn’t put him in with an average guy 3 times?

    is angle just having another subtle dig at orton?

  8. Fahim Abrar says:

    The match at no way out 2006 was awesome….it’s a shame that match didn’t take place at Wrestlemania 22.

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