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Possible Wrestlemania 29 spoiler

The original plan was to hold off Brock Lesnar wrestling again until The Royal Rumble in January. Lesnar is still under his limited number of dates contract. The company is now talking about setting up Lesnar vs. The Undertaker at next year’s Wrestlemania.

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  1. ELNYIS says:

    That might generate more buys than the Rock did last year. I just hope they don’t book Brock to beat Undertaker.

  2. Joe says:

    Not really a spoiler. But still cool.

  3. Dusty says:

    If Brock beats Taker…WWE will have made a huge screw up.

  4. Kerry says:

    This might be good because there has been legit heat between the two for years. Remember the staredown between the two at UFC 121.

  5. Cutting Edge says:

    Listen, either they need to retire Undertaker or they need to let someone up-and-coming defeat the Undertaker to automatically boost them into the main event spot. I agree that Brock shouldn’t beat the Undertaker at WM 29, but if they’re going to keep booking him at every WM, then someone should beat him eventually. Imagine WM 30 comes up and CM Punk is STILL WWE Champion. He’s locked in a feud with the Undertaker. Suddenly, we have Undertaker’s streak against CM Punk’s extraordinarily long title reign. Who wouldn’t watch that?

  6. Trevelbond says:

    I’d rather they found different opponents for both of them. Lesnar and Taker’s early matches always seemed to fall flat.

  7. Israel S. says:

    The only way the WWE would suprise me at this point would be to find different opponents for both guys. Plus with Lesnar’s contract set to expire around Mania, plus his desire to possibily return to the UFC, I’d say it might be safe bet to see the guy buried at Mania. More than likely by the deadman himself. But at this point, I think the Taker is burning on fumes anyways. Not much, if any at all, gas is left in his tank. At this point, I think he should retire with the streak intact. He’s earned it.

  8. Israel S. says:

    Just an added thought also, I’d think it make for a better story to save for a Triple H return and let him be the one to bury Lesnar. Then have Taker rassel John Cena, and then call it quits.

  9. J-Ro says:

    If they do this, Undertaker should return to the Biker gimmick.

  10. UndertakerStreakEnds says:

    ” we have Undertaker’s streak against CM Punk’s extraordinarily long title reig” I wouldn’t watch it sounds boring. I disagree with all of you. Undertaker is old and washed up just like triple h. Brock lesnar was always my bet to beat the undertaker. He has already beat him in hell in the cell.

  11. Gweedo says:

    Good god give me a break even Vince isn’t stupid enough to put a jackass like Lesnar in this spot…Backstage Lesnar hasn’t done anything for wwe why give him this gem? Why not somebody who actually has pushed the company…not some whiny jerk who thinks he’s too good for it?

  12. Gweedo says:

    @cutting edge I agree completely why not Barrett or somebody like Ziggler taking on the dead man? Give them that push

  13. Daniel says:

    If Undertaker ever loses at Mania, it has to be a Ziggler, Bryan, Miz, Barrett, etc. type wrestler. Someone who is up and coming. Someone who it will boost to the top. Hell, even a CM Punk would benefit from it. Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker at Mania could be awesome and would definitely be a top draw but Undertaker would need the win.

  14. Craptacular says:

    No no no… the only man who deserves to beat Undertaker’s streak in the face of the WWE… JHON CENA !!!

    At least I can see that coming in WM XXX

  15. Craptacular says:

    Sorry… “IS” instead of “IN”

  16. Chris James says:

    Taker put over Brock in the cell clean for the undisputed title. I think if they square off Brock could create a real threat towards Taker but it’s only right for the Deadman to prevail… The way things are now, taker could be the guy that finally slays the dragon.. So to speak..

  17. Chris James says:

    Then again, I remember reading about a fan asking Taker if he should count on him at Mania next year and he replied saying “don’t make any plans for next year..” or something.. so who knows.. End of and Era was so damn perfect I can’t imagine something totally new..

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